Quick Hits: 3 Exhibits To Go To This Fall In New York

As much as we all want to make believe summer is going to last forever, September is right around the corner. Welcoming fall doesn’t have to be a sad thing, especially if you’re like us and love everything that comes with the season: layers, pumpkin spice and new exhibits. Here are three exhibitions to check out this fall that will be featuring unique, fresh takes on fashion.new-york-city-museum-of-modern-art-top

Fashion Takes a Trip

The Museum of the City of New York presents Fashion Takes a Trip, an exhibition dedicated to the unique sartorial qualities of the 1960s. Opening on November 22, the exhibition will delve into an era in which Jacqueline Kennedy grew as an American style icon, highlighting the dramatic differences in clothing that occurred between the 1960s and 1970s.

Expedition: Fashion From the Extremes

FIT’s exhibition, open to the public beginning September 15, displays the creative fashion born of the extremes; clothes made for survival in conditions such as deep sea, polar navigation and long treks through difficult terrains and unfamiliar environments. Covering the clothing worn by indigenous tribes appropriated by the West, 19th century tailored menswear and later, high tech fashions, Expedition: Fashion From the Extremes offers a look into how extreme conditions play a role in high fashion.

Items: Is Fashion Modern?

Exploring the past, present and future of 111 handpicked items, the MoMA’s Items: Is Fashion Modern? exhibition, debuting on October 1, will explore the significance and evolution of various iconic garments and accessories. Items of significance include the polo, the Breton shirt and the Little Black Dress and their evolution into their current state. The exhibition considers the relationship between a garment’s function versus fashion, its significance today, and how it has derived from its original form.