Miami’s Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants

Miami is a city where anything goes, and that leaves a lot of room for creativity when it comes to the competitive hospitality biz. From larger-than-life cocktails crafted in pretty mugs, to whimsical dinner displays that come with sports props, Miami’s restaurants truly have it all. Here, we take a look at the city’s top joints where you can enjoy good grub and also snap a killer shot for your Instagram feed.


The whimsical South Beach dining destination is one of the most well-known restaurants of the area, famous for enticing its diners with elaborate displays of dishes, incorporating the most wild objects from sports supplies like baseball bats, to bath toys like rubber ducks. You can also expect to see oversized eating utensils, as well as decadent cocktail creations. And perhaps the least fun, but still in Barton G style, the bill presented in an envelope emblazoned by “The Damage” at the end of the meal. 


Wynwood Kitchen & Bar


  It doesn’t get much better than actually dining within the Wynwood Walls. When it comes to Miami, this is the key spot for locals and tourists alike to snap the perfect Instagram shot. Immersed in art and culture, highlighted by bright-colored murals decorating the walls, the dining experience, and the photo, is enhanced by the highly artistic surroundings. It’s hard to top a food shot with that background, isn’t it?


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If you live in Miami, chances are you’ve seen this decadent dessert concoction displayed across your Instagram feed. And it is, indeed, just as delicious as it looks. Serving a dual-purpose of the perfect photo prop, as well as a tasty sweet treat, the Peruvian joint is guaranteed to attract a long line of guests eager to get their own version on any given day of the week. Don’t be shocked to see a line wrapping around the building. This dessert takes time and commitment to enjoy—but your sweet milkshake, topped with one of the spot’s signature churros, is well worth it.




Ricky’s is a playground for adults, complete with unbeatable food, arcade games, live bands and more. And one thing that’s certain is that they’ve taken the aesthetic of their food and drinks into heavy consideration—Ricky’s is the perfect place to enhance your Instagram feed. And their 2-Gallon Gas Can cocktail is just what we’re thinking. Even better? Ricky’s is now home to NY’s famed Artichoke Basille’s Pizza.

Bazaar Mar by José Andrés


Chef José Andrés is known for his inventive craft of creating and presenting food. Each dish is a work of art in itself, demonstrating the chef’s expertise in the realm of culinary physics. So, you can expect to get some unique looking plates that are most definitely picture-worthy, like this beauty—the cobia “rose” sashimi—as well as others, like a California Funnel Cake, a seafood dish crafted to look like the beloved carnival treat. 

Kith Treats

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The half-apparel, half cereal shop is an Instagrammer’s delight. From the stark white backdrop, to the variety sweet treats, the new Miami Beach store has acquired a loyal following that comes to take in Ronnie Fieg‘s high-fashion brand, indulge their sweet tooth and snap some pics. Enjoy the ice cream swirl, milkshake or commuter bowl, with specials named after some of their favorite guests. A Miami-Favorite is “The Groot,” named after Haute 100-lister David Grutman, created with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, French Toast Crunch, Chocolate Cake Crunch and Graham Cracker Crumbs.


Mister 01


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  The beautiful and delicious star-shaped Star Luca pizza at Miami’s Mister-01 pizza shop is another regular of the local area’s Instagram feed. The spicy, cheesy concoction—which actually has ricotta stuffed in the crust—makes for a very enviable shot, and will certainly have you craving the spot’s Italian delicacies.