Mailroom Brings Wall Street The Cocktail Bar It Needs

James Murphy DJs: at a preview of Mailroom

Mailroom is about to hit Wall Street as the cocktail bar for those in the know. Remembered throughout time as the land of the power tie, a territory dominated by high-end real estate and high-profile businessmen, Wall Street has been in a bit of a bar rut for years. Recent improvements like Augustine or CUT to the neighborhood offered worthy benchmarks for dinner in the area, but the bar scene remained relatively lackluster. Enter, Mailroom.

The cocktail bar and lounge is opening on the easternmost end of Wall Street. Currently in previews, the bar is ramping up to be the biggest thing coming to the neighborhood. After two preview night gearing up for New York Fashion Week’s flood of fashion icons, the bar is already stirring hype with James Murphy stopping in to DJ. It’s just far enough to be out of the reaches of the hoard sprinting to beat the bridge and tunnel traffic at the end of the day, and the perfect spot for the cocktail after a long day at the office or the occasional after-work-drinks date. The aesthetic aims more for the mailroom scene of an older New York, and correctly knows anyone spending time in a Post Office is going to need a drink or three. There are a few walls mocked up with old P.O. Boxes. The real angle of the space, built to meet the needs of its desired clientele, is the lounge atmosphere it creates. The bar looks built for a mix of drinks and dancing, with a DJ booth ready for use across the dance floor from the bar. On either side of the space are 70’s disco-inspired retro sofas, with tables at each, and even a bocce court in back. The retro-chic vibes of the sofas play well in the room, but give the sense of two worlds in the bar: a gilded age New York post office serving up drinks, and a grooved-out dancers lounge opposite it.

While the setting may vary across the bar, the real constant is the quality of the drinks. The cocktail menu is extensive for a bar of its nature, on two sides of a postcard. (Get it?) While there is a beer and wine menu available, the cocktails are the reason to be here. The options give a great range from nuanced creations like blackberry jam infusions in the “Gin and Jam” to modern approaches to classic drinks with a “cold-pressed negroni.

The floors are made of concrete, which the person who’s job it is to clean up at the end of the night is thankful for. While the cocktails may be great, a few of them are served “up” in a saucer glass, making the dance floor, “wear white at your own risk”. There are plenty of other options in more spill-proof glasses

The most important thing the bar aims to do for the neighborhood is brings some new life into the downtown scene. This is not just another cocktail bar for the power-suited. This is a place for those in the know. The young, hip, influencers of the New York scene fill the bar and bring with them some of the newest trends in fashion, music, and more. The bar may be based beyond the borders of the hip scene in New York, but is exactly the booster shot of cool that Wall Street has been craving.

Mailroom is located at 110 Wall St.