Hatteras Launched The 90 Motor Yacht

Hatteras takes things to the next level with the launch of their new 90 Motor Yacht, expanding their lineup beyond the successful 70 Motor Yacht. It is however not only the length of this Hatteras, which measures 91 feet and 9 inches, not the expected 90 feet, that makes it such a comfortable yacht, but more so the beam, which measures 22 feet and 6 inches. This creates a lot of space, from which especially the four staterooms benefit.

Hatteras 90
Light is one of the most important aspects of this yacht, and you will have plenty of it. Not only thanks to the various skylights, and expansive windows, but also due to the sweeping staircase that leads to the bridge. The aft deck offers a modular bar and the side decks and the bow are the perfect place to lounge and enjoy life.

Hatteras 90
While its size is a first for Hatteras, this is not the only novelty that we can find on the 90 Motor Yacht. A touchscreen gives you access to the new HattCON ship management system, which integrates your yachts navigation, monitoring and automation systems in a single device. Another first is the hydraulic side balcony, which gives you yet another way to enjoy the outdoors, offering splendid views right outside of your stateroom.

Hatteras 90
Currently, there is only one Hatteras 90 Motor Yacht build so far, which will serve as a demonstration model. The yacht will be officially introduced at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida later this year. However, the first client has already placed an order, and construction for this yacht is under way.