Grab Some Boozy Ice Cream At Tipsy Scoop This Weekend

Spend the last days of summer having a refreshing treat, courtesy of New York City ice cream shop Tipsy Scoop. Tipsy Scoop is serving a spiced rum-infused ice cream cocktail called the Spiced Mai Tai Sundae, from now until Labor Day. What better way too cool off from the heat? The sundae is a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum infused cocktail with ice cream that the shop first debuted to celebrate National Rum Day.

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Not only is the boozy ice cream refreshing in the summer heat, but it’s served in a quirky, bright pineapple. The sweet, citrusy flavors of the lime, orange, pineapple are the perfect combination for the vanilla flavor and hints of cinnamon in the spiced rum.

Whether you are spending the last days of summer in the city or getting ready to kiss summer goodbye, stop by Tipsy Scoop (217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010) visit the Tipsy Scoop website to order a pint online.