Four Seasons Announces A New Haute Private Jet Experience: “World of Adventures”

The unique experiences that mark each journey with the Four Seasons Private Jet have taken off on their own! No wonder that for 2018 the Four Seasons have added a new experience, which is fittingly named “World of Adventures.”Two women walking through the gate and pathway to the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shinto Shrine.An adventure it will sure be, because once the Four Seasons Private Jet takes off in Seattle, the first stop is Kyoto. Here you will not only visit the Kyoto’s famous bamboo jungle, Kikaku-ji, but also enjoy a private dinner at the most ancient Zen temple in the city: Kenninji Temple.

SEY_509_aspect16x9This is only the beginning, because from there on you will visit the beautiful island of Bali, explore the deep jungles of the Seychelles, before the Four Seasons Private Jet takes you to Rwanda, where you will stay at a lodge in the Volcanoes National Park, home to the famous mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorilla and juvenile Volcanoes National Park Rwanda Volcanoes National Park RwandaYou will experience, quite literally, the other side of the African continent in Marrakech, where you will go on an exclusive shopping excursion, as well discover the Atlas Mountains. Then it is time to switch continents as you find yourself en route fo Bogotá. While you will be exploring all that Colombia’s capital has to offer, the next experience will be even more exclusive as you will enjoy a bespoke cruise through the Galápagos Islands, where you will enjoy all the unique wildlife that they have to offer, before returning to the United States.


World of Adventures” is as a private jet itinerary available for 2018 next to “Timeless Encounters“, which takes you to the ancient temples of Chaing Mai, shows you the Taj Mahal and let you explore the underwater world of Bora Bora, and “International Intrigue” with stops in, among others, The Maldives, Budapest, London, as well as the Serengeti. While all unique, one thing is for sure, which each of these exclusive itineraries you will be making memories for life, while experiencing the best the Four Seasons in the most beautiful places on the planet!