Luxury Beat: Tracy Anderson Shares Pro Fitness Tips

Tracy Anderson

Fitness and wellness mogul Tracy Anderson, known for her A-list celebrity clientele and her popular Tracy Anderson workout method, divides her time between the Hamptons and New York.

How have the Hamptons been important to your business?
I ask clients to focus on their results year-round, which means I need to know them well. Many people living in the city choose the Hamptons for a slower pace, but that doesn’t mean leaving your healthy routine behind. I wanted to make certain the very dedicated audience I have was supported in the places they truly call home. I have two Hamptons studios to mirror my two city studios, so my clients can have the consistent support their bodies need. I believe the Hamptons are one of the best places to go to for healing and taking on a new life stance.
What’s new in terms of your studios in the Hamptons?
I have added more classes this summer and released four Hamptons summer Vitality Weeks, the most I have ever done. These weeks are so much more than a workout. They are very knowledge-based, supportive, and nourishing, as they have an option for your food to be provided. This year I will be including food for the day as well as prix fixe menus at my favorite restaurants that allow you nights out while staying with the plan—and the plan includes dessert and drinks. I am also launching a really cool partnership with The Golden Pear Cafes for my protein + energy smoothies.
How would you describe a “luxury” workout experience?
Don’t let the word luxury be confused with being or feeling pampered or surrounded by a $50,000 bench to sit on in the locker room. Your body measures luxury by how well it functions.
What fitness needs/desires are you seeing among your celebrity clientele?
Celebrities are just like everyone else—they just have more eyeballs looking at them. I believe most celebrities who come to my studios do so because they know I really have the greater good of their body and health in mind. I mean, if we are talking an icon like Jennifer Lopez, then her needs are like a professional athlete times five. She is using her body across all different planes of artistry, and she needs more than the average person to be able to do that.
You do a lot of pre-awards-show prep with celebs. How much can be accomplished fitness-wise in a short period of time leading up to an awards show?
If someone comes to me for a “quick fix,” they have to buy into the life time. Faking it never looks good. Owning who you are in every moment is key to being stable enough to improve and actually own a healthier you. That said, I create the perfect sweat for any red-carpet glow, but you earn it.
Which sports best support or complement your workout routines?
What is so great about the Hamptons is there are so many opportunities to be physical–surfing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, tennis, or even playing a game of soccer in the yard. All professional athletes have their focused workout time and their game time. My workout supports your weight loss, weight management, muscular design, coordination, and your ability to be physically present and available to do anything.
What is your ultimate luxury Hamptons experience?
Being with loved ones, eating really good food, and drinking really good wine is about as “luxurious” as it needs to get.