Infrared Sauna Therapy Is The Beauty Hack You’ve Been Searching For

Infrared sauna therapy is a new trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and the reason why is fairly obvious. Within the same session you are able to detox your mind and body, get a workout without actually working out, feel euphoric, get beautified, and feel overall rejuvenated. 45 minutes of infrared are equivalent to a 7 day juice cleanse, running 3-4 miles, meditation, and more.

11Howard x HigherDOSE 1Photo Credit: 11Howard x HigherDOSE

HigherDOSE, is changing the game when it comes to this new technology and their rapid expansion doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. The 11 Howard hotel just unveiled a new partnership with the therapy spa, to offer guests of the hotel and New York locals the chance to relax and recharge after strenuous days in the city within the comfort of the luxurious hotel.

When you walk into the room for your session you will see it completely resembles that of a normal hotel room but instead of a bed, there is an inviting sauna awaiting your arrival. This is the first hotel partnership for HigherDOSE, which is currently available exclusively at their Hampton and 4 New York locations.

11 Howard - StaircasePhoto Credit: 11Howard x HigherDOSE

“Life in the city is incredibly loud, abrasive, and hectic, and we were searching for ways to calm our chakras in the midst of this chaotic, exciting place,” says Katie Kaps, co-founder of HigherDOSE. “We are excited to have 11 Howard as the first hotel partner for HigherDOSE, as the hotel’s brand mission, modern design, and dedication to unparalleled customer service resonates seamlessly with our core clientele and company goals. The HigherDOSE rooms and overall guest experience at 11 Howard is an elevated experience that will be hard to match anywhere else,” adds Lauren Berlinger, co-founder of HigherDOSE.

Appointments are available starting June 21st, 2017; prices for a one-hour session start at $85, and $15 for each additional person, making this the perfect intimate date night or a healthy alternative to girl’s night out.