BMW Launches All-New 2018 BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo

BMW has always been a marque that has an engaging way of driving at the forefront of all their models. It is this that makes driving a BMW always more exciting, and now they take this to the next level for the Gran Turismo with the all-new 2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo.

BMW 6 series GT
Yes, this car is the successor of the 5-series Gran Turismo, and part of a greater change in numbers, as the new BMW 6-series coupe will be launched as 8-series. Apart from changing numbers, the 6-series Gran Turismo is not that much larger: only 3.8 inches longer and 1 inch lower. Although this tweaking seems to be minimal, it leads to a more elegant car, with stronger, more athletic lines.

The car will be available this fall as 640i xDrive, equipped with a turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six, giving you 335 hp, and a very generous 332 lb-ft of torque. Zero-to-60-mph is done in only 5.1 seconds, making it a true joy to drive, especially since BMW has also been able to bring the weight down from the previous, 5-series, model, thanks to the increased use of aluminum and high-strength steels for body and chassis components.

BMW 6 series GT
The dash is, as always with BMW, driver-focused, yet all aboard are pampered by comfortable leather seats and the luxurious ambiance of the car. Lovers of technology will also truly enjoy the 6-series Gran Turismo, as it comes standard with Active Driving Assistant, which combines a wide variety of different functions that can make driving easier, from lane departure warnings to speed limit info. The car is also equipped with automatic parking, where the 5-series Gran Turismo detects suitable parking spaces and can parallel park the car in the spot by itself. It also comes with the Remote Control Parking feature, in which you can park your BMW in tight spots using the Display Key, which still makes me feel like James Bond in “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

BMW 6 series GT

The all-new 2018 640i XDrive Gran Turismo is expected this fall at your local BMW dealer.