Quick Hits: Ramen Fans, Rejoice! Get Your Fix of Yokohama-Style Ié-kei Ramen

E.A.K. Ramen, the first “Ié-kei” ramen just opened in New York this week. The style of “Ié-kei” ramen combines Fukuoka-style tonkotsu broth with Tokyo-style soy sauce broth, creating a distinct pork and chicken flavor that is creamy and aromatic. The noodles are straight, but thicker than those served at other ramen restaurants. The most common toppings of Ié-kei ramen are Boiled Spinach, Aji-tama (seasoned boiled egg), Chashu (braised pork), and Nori (toasted seaweed).
E.A.K. Ramen’s New York outpost is open in Greenwich Village, at 469 Sixth Avenue (West 11th Street.). Dishes include the spicy “Oh So Hot!” ramen and vegan “V-Garden” ramen; popular side dishes include the popular Homemade Ginger Gyoza and Karaage Fried Chicken.
To find out more about E.A.K, click here.