Weekend Roundup: Luxury Jeweler Shines Bright at Neiman Marcus

marbella green tourmaline
Marbella Green Tourmaline Cabochon Ring in 18K Gold, $19,000

The Austalian jewelry designer, known for her playful use of colors and bold statement pieces that light up a room, visited Neiman Marcus in Atlanta to showcase her latest collection and mingle with a select group of women this past Friday.

Margot McKinney collaborated with Neiman Marcus of Atlanta to attend a private luncheon at the Precious Jewels Salon at Neiman Marcus to introduce her Lustre collection, designed with Australian south sea pearls and exquisite gemstones from Australia. A lunch in her honor, hosted by Jada Loveless and Joanne Chesler Gross, at Neimans gave a select number of people a chance to view her entire collection and learn the story behind each piece.

IMG_3967“Every piece of my jewelry has a story” McKinney said. A fourth generation jeweler, Margot McKinney grew up in Australia—where many of the world’s finest gemstones are sourced. But it is during her world travels, hand-picking each stone, where she finds her true inspiration for each collection. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, each piece is one-of-a-kind, honoring the ‘miracle of nature’ that the pearls and stones represent. Aside from being dazzled by the intricate yet bold nature of each bauble, we were extra fascinated by the Lightning Ridge Opal (pictured above). The striking hues were electrifying and  once-in-a-life-time finds McKinney explained.

Weekend Twinkle Black Jade Cuff Bracelet with White Topaz Studs, $11,250
Weekend Twinkle Black Jade Cuff Bracelet with White Topaz Studs, $11,250

Unless you see these pieces of art in person, it truly hard to explain the exquisite beauty that each and every piece of her collection exudes. From the use of color to the organic and natural rich textures and tones of the rare gems and pearls, each piece of Margot McKinney commands the attention of all eyes in a room.

Guests at the lunch tried on their favorite pieces, trying to make their purchase decisions.

Mindy Boggs
Tom Abrams, Cyndae Arrendale
A model showcased Margot McKinney jewelry


Jada Loveless, Michelle Crosland
Jada Loveless, Michelle Crosland

The Neiman Marcus personal appearance and lunch was hosted by friends of the designer Jada Loveless and Joanne Chesler Gross, who along with being fans of her baubles, wanted to thank her for her continued support for not for profits in Atlanta. Most recently she donated a pair of earrings for the Annual Atlanta Ballet Ball which helped the organization raise a lot of money.  Joanne was the ultimate muse, trying on many of her pieces and falling in love with the simplicity of the Weekend collection.

Joanne Chesler Gross in Margot McKinney Necklace and Cuff
Margo McKinney
Margot McKinney

 In addition to the showcase, guests were also treated an exclusive viewing her short film, The Pearl Farm. Based on her trip to a pearl farm in the northern territory of Australia, the main character of the film searches for pearls and instead uncovers internal inspiration.  

Actress from “The Pearl Farm” short film by Margot McKinney.

We were honored to view this inspirational film, as this was tonly the second time the film has been played in public (the first was at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills).

Margot McKinney Jewelry is available for purchase at Neiman Marcus