Quick Hits: Chalk Point Kitchen Debuts New Creative Dinner Menu

Celebrity favorite farm-to-table hotspot Chalk Point Kitchen is taking its creative, healthy dining to a whole new level with brand-new executive chef Adam Maciejewski. The chef, who works in conjunction with various Brooklyn farms including SquareRoots, Local Roots and BeeKind to acquire the freshest produce, has created an invigorating menu with exciting additions like spirulina-infused oysters, smoked wheatberry mac and cheese, green tea smoked mushrooms, cauliflower steak and local and organic proteins.


The health-focused menu not only includes the freshest locally sourced ingredients but also lists the health benefits for its new dishes. The mouth-watering edamame protein hummus lists “high in protein, lowers cholesterol and rich in vitamins and minerals” in its description to inform health-conscious patrons of the benefits found in each dish. Owner Matt Levine has fostered a community with a passion for making informed food choices at Chalk Point Kitchen, so as the restaurant celebrates its 3rd anniversary, Levine named the new dinner menu #WeThePeaple as an homage to his multicultural staff, local purveyors and loyal customer base from all walks of life.


Chalk Point Kitchen, whose star-studded clientele includes Kanye West, Nick Cannon and Avril Lavigne, has been making a splash on the scene since its opening, bringing a fresh take on healthy eats and a fun atmosphere set in a quaint farmhouse in the middle of trendy Soho.

View Chalk Point Kitchen’s new menu here.