Haute Top 5: Exercise Classes in Atlanta in 2017

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Want to get in the best shape of your life? It’s time to mix up the old workout routine and get in on one of these workout classes that are molding the hottest bodies in town. From the most innovative cycling classes to the Megaformer Machine that burns fat but is easy on the joints, we hand-picked the must-try workout classes. No excuse, get to one (or all) of these classes in Atlanta in 2017.

1 Stellar Bodies

Owned by fitness icon Amy Selig and Jeff Toney, Stellar offers Lagree Fitness, which is an evolutionary workout designed to tighten and tone the body quickly and safely. Using the machine called Megaformer, you can get your sweat on and keep those joints young and healthy. Check out the Midtown or Buckhead locations and get ready for a serious workout.
Multiple locations

2 Blast

A full-service boutique fitness studio offering 60-minute classes that alternate periods of high intensity exercise with brief recovery periods for the most efficient way to lose weight, build muscle and improve cardio vascular health. They also offer a full fitness assessment, cardio prescriptions and a nutritionally coaching.
Multiple locations

3 Fast Twitch at Forum

Forum Athletic Club owner and former NFL player Roman Fortin offers a class that is sure to get you in shape in no time. Fast-Twitch is a specialized 75 minute circuit class. The full body workout encompasses core, cardio, agility, and muscle building stations. Focusing on weight training and using Twitch Isokenetic machines which allows you to train with no concentric force. Basically, this class in no joke. Expect extreme results.
3393 Peachtree Road Northeast #2010 Atlanta, GA 30326

4 Burn Studios

Burn is a multi-platform boutique studio by Atlanta native and fitness guru Jeremy Levison. Currently in Brookhaven , with plans to expand on the horizon, this studio offers an elevated and top notch combo of cycling w/deep stadium seating, high cardio kickboxing (“BurnBox”) and various forms of Yoga. Signature cold lavender scented towels are given after each class.
3575 Durden Drive NE, Suite 202, Brookhaven, GA 30319

5 Chaos Conditioning

Jeff Baird knows how to get your heart rate pumping and your muscles working. Located in an area in The Forum athletic club (and now Ponce City Market as well) in Buckhead, Chaos Conditioning is literally just that. Chaos. That burns. Every class here is high-intensity, mind-blowing and fat-burning. The motivating instructors and great music help to make this class well worth the burn.
3393 Peachtree Road Northeast #2010 Atlanta, GA 30326