Triton 1650/3 LP: exploring the depths of the ocean in private luxury

With a growing amount of larger yachts around the world, more and more people will have room for a private submersible. This can add another dimension to an already great experience, as it allows you to discover the world below the water line without even changing your clothes!

Triton 1650_3 LPTriton developed their 1650 submersible just for that. It can comfortably accommodate three people, yet its compact size and light weight make it not only easy to operate, but also to store onboard. This does not take away from the performance of the Triton 1650, as it can go down to a depth of 500 meters. Thanks to innovative battery technology you can explore the underwater world for up to 12 hours, so you better pack lunch. Climate control not only ensures the perfect temperature but also controls the humidity.

Triton 1650_3 LP
This is very important, not only for comfort but also because the Triton 1650/3 LP is fitted with a large dome through which you have a very wide view of the underwater world. This makes the submersible perfect for getting a better understanding of the underwater mysteries, as well as enjoy the beauty that it has to offer.

Triton also contributes to this in another way, by making submersibles that are used for underwater archeology, or making documentaries such as David Attenborough’s 2016 landmark TV-series about the Great Barrier Reef. This professional experience Triton also translates into their private submersibles as the 1650/3 LP. Not only regarding safety, but also in optional extras.

Triton 1650_3 LP
Next, to picking a different color you can gear up your Triton 1650/3 LP to truly enjoy the different facets of the underwater world, and some will truly make you feel like Dirk Pitt. A sonar sounds still remarkably common, but how about a hydrophone so that you can hear the ambient ocean sounds or the presence of ocean mammals? Another must-have option is the sub-mounted mini ROV, which allows you to go places even your compact submersible cannot go, such as smaller caves or inside shipwrecks. They even have a variety of different manipulators to choose from, so that you can interact with what you might find on the ocean floor.

All these features, but even more so the ability to explore and enjoy a whole different side of ocean life, make a submersible a must-have for any owner of a yacht large enough to manage it.