Cartier’s New LOVE-Bracelet Is Already Must-Have Accessory Of The Season

Cartier must have a feeling that Spring is in the air because they just launched new versions of their famous LOVE bracelet! Not that the icon needed a new lease of life, but it will increase the versatility of how you can wear the bracelets.

Cartier LOVE Bracelet car
What is new about the LOVE bracelet? They are smaller! With this Cartier accommodates those who love to wear more than one LOVE bracelet at the same time. While you can do this of course with the regular size LOVE bracelet, three of them did add up in size and weight. The smaller size makes it easier to combine them, and when you do so with all three, you get the same gold color combo as the famous Cartier Trinity!

cartier-love-bracelet-yellow gold

Even when you don’t wear multiple bracelets at the same time, the new size LOVE-bracelet is an excellent addition to the Cartier collection. The new size has a refined elegance over it, with an understated chique. That makes it the perfect companion for that timeless black dress, as well as board room meetings.

cartier-love-bracelet-paveWhat hasn’t changed is, of course, the concept! The new LOVE bracelet still follows Aldo Cipullo’s original design, of the wrist-hugging gold oval that is held together with a screw. That is, by the way, the only functional screw in the bracelet because the rest of the hallmark decorations are engraved in the gold. Those engraved screws also remain intact for the LOVE bracelet with a pave setting of 177 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.95 carats. This way you get the fire of the diamonds, but remain the iconic look of the screws.

New size LOVE-bracelet (far right) compared to the regular size
New size LOVE-bracelet (far right) compared to the regular size

With this new addition, Cartier added not only more variety to the LOVE-collection, but also to jewelry cases worldwide. Mix and match options have increased, and a more understated style added. No wonder the LOVE bracelet has been an icon ever since its creation in 1969.