Haute Auto of the Week: Ferrari 488 GTB

With the introduction of the 488 GTB Ferrari entered a new era: for the very first time, their V8-model is fitted with a turbo. Just as Porsche now equips all 911-engines with a turbo, Ferrari goes into the same direction. They did this the Ferrari way, by creating one of the most advanced V8 turbo engines currently available. No wonder that this engine not only won in its category but also took home the overall prize for best engine at the 2016 Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.


Ferrari used twin-scroll turbos, delivering an incredible 661 horsepower and a whopping 561 lb-ft of torque available at 3,000 rpm. The turbo-lag, a traditional problem with these type of engines, is non-existent and zero-to-sixty is accomplished under 3 seconds. This propels the 488 GTB into what used to be supercar territory.


The interior is very driver focused and aimed to assist in accomplishing maximum performance. At the same time has the 488 GTB not lost all of its Gran Turismo characteristics. Climate control and a top-notch sound system aide to the comfort in the cabin. Especially when you order the custom made luggage set available for the car, you can even take it for the weekend and travel with more than just your credit card.


The styling of the 488 GTB is even more inspired by Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars then its predecessor, the 458. This is mainly thanks to the various air intakes and outlets on the car. Given the high-performance of this Ferrari, who’s top speeds exceeds the 200 mph, they are not for show, but an absolute necessity. The 488 GTB therefore not only lauds a new era for Ferrari‘s V8 models, but also for the marque as a whole. With a performance so close to that of the previous V12 models, it also pushes the brand forward to take also these cars to an even higher level. Talking about internal motivation!