Atlanta’s Cocktail of the Week: Tiki Thai at Buckhead Diner

While most cocktail menus are focusing on their full-bodied wines and heavy, warm weather bourbons and cocktails, Atanta’s upscale Buckhead Diner decided to go a different route. The Tiki Thai” of the newest libations added to the winter cocktail menu at Buckhead Diner and it’s currently a guest favorite. According to  Buckhead Diner’s Beverage Manager Jessica Purdy “ We wanted to create a cocktail that would serve as a reprieve from heavy winter cocktails.”

The “Tiki Thai” combines the fresh sweet-tart flavors of fresh pineapple and grapefruit juice with the complex sweetness of dark rum and coconut rum. The result is a cocktail that’s bright and citrusy but complex enough to be interesting.  The drink is even garnished with a luxardo cherry and tiny umbrella”  So, we recommend you try Atlanta’s Cocktail of The Week at Buckhead Diner and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Buckhead Diner's new cocktail Tiki Thai takes away the winter blues.
Buckhead Diner’s new Winter Cocktail Menu helps take the winter blues away.

 Tiki Thai Recipe:

1oz Meyers Dark Rum

¾oz Coconut Rum

1oz Tiki Thai syrup

½oz Pineapple juice

¾oz Grapefruit juice

Squeeze 1 lime wedge

Garnish with spiced sugar rim and luxardo cherry

Buckhead Diner is located at 3073 Piedmont Road