What’s On My Desk: Fragrance House Founder Alexander Vreeland


Alexander Vreeland Headshot - Inez + VinoodhPhoto Credit: Inez + Vinoodh

Alexander Vreeland has a nose for good taste, much like his grandmother, fashion maven and columnist Diana Vreeland, hence why he decided to name his perfume company in her honor. Diana Vreeland Parfums was created with the vision to launch a luxury brand, which Alexander has had substantial experience with given that he previously worked within the marketing and sales realms at Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. Since 2009, Alexander has been president of the Diana Vreeland Estate, which has been instrumental in revitalizing awarenessabout his grandmother through books, film, and a museum exhibit. Here, he shares a look at his desktop essentials.


Alexander Vreeland Desk

1. Print on wall: Image that Inez and Vinoodh created for the Smashingly Brilliant fragrance
2. Several Diana Vreeland fragrances including our newest launch, Full Gallop (available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman)
3. Zebra skin box that belonged to my grandmother
4. Diana Vreeland Simply Divine candle
5. Collection of pens that belonged to my grandmother
6. 10 stones I found on a beach in Maine…they look like driftwood
7. My grandmother kept her pens on her desk in the cartons of scented candles…so I do too
8. The desk lamp is mid-century Danish