This Season’s Most “Baller” Holiday Gift for the Elite Yogi in Your Life


Whether you’re gifting a seasoned yogi or know someone looking to incorporate more Zen into his/her workout routine, choosing the right piece of equipment is critical for optimal performance. Similar to the way a premium engine works for a racecar driver, using a premium yoga mat is undeniably the best option for a yogi, when it comes to his or her daily practice. After all, if you’re spending hours at a time on the mat, it would make sense that you’d want quality, comfort and improved agility provided by this essential piece of equipment, right?

That is precisely why, fitness competitor, entrepreneur and avid yogi himself, Cedric Yau, created BallerYoga. When launched earlier this fall, the wellness brand defied odds when it rolled out a high-performance yoga mat for both yoga enthusiasts and professional sports athletes alike. Made from the same tannery as Wilson NFL footballs, BallerYoga mats are 100 percent American-made and bring together luxury and quality, in one high-performance mat.


Having traveled the world on yoga and meditation retreats, Yau realized how flimsy and slippery most yoga mats on the market are around the world. The material, grip and overall comfort of traditional mats are not conducive to staying focused on the spirituality and physicality of the practice. This is especially true for high-performing athletes who sweat more, and who can’t risk any additional injuries unrelated to their sport due to poor quality equipment.

After deciding that full-grain leather was the optimal material for high performance, Yau designed the BallerYoga mat with two key points in mind: to improve grip and release. Using the same supply-chain as NFL footballs, BallerYoga created mats that are “grippy” without being sticky, providing elite yogis and athletes the support and the agility they need to master a variety of poses and flows, for a lifetime of centered practice.


During the holidays, we all know gifting can be challenging. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. Before you gift another ugly sweater, or a gift card this holiday shopping season, consider giving a gift that is sure to leave a memorable impression. From your significant other, to your brother or good friend, BallerYoga is the ultimate must-have item for athletes and yoga enthusiasts alike this year.

BallerYoga is available in a variety of sizes and ranges in price from $985 – $1,500 per mat. Know someone that deserves this “Baller” gift? Add a BallerYoga mat to your holiday shopping list here: