The Standard Makes Election Night Fun Coast to Coast



While we don’t yet know 100% who the winner will be in the 2016 Presidential Election, we do know whatever happens tonight will be HUGE, so don’t do it alone on your couch. In light of this fact, all The Standard hotels across the country are hosting simultaneous election night viewing parties with a very creative (if not slightly biased) twist. That means parties in New York, LA and Miami.

At The Standard Miami, they’ll be at the Lido Lounge, offering shots, music by Michelle Lesham, and even Canadian passport applications—should they be necessary. If that’s not enough they’ll be a drag version of both Donald and Hillary, hosting an election scandal trivia game. We have no idea what a drag Donald Trump looks like, but it could be similar to this version Meryl Streep did back in June and definitely better than the drag version of Guiliani which Trump motor-boated on this infamous video.

Up in New York they’ll be watching eagerly / celebrating at both Café Standard and at the Biergarten up on The High Line. At the Café, you’ll find a raffle with a prize that changes depending on who takes home the Presidency. If it’s Mr. Trump, the gift is a one-way ticket to Canada and if it’s Ms. Clinton, winners get a free night at the hotel and dinner at Narcissa.

The Standard Hollywood is hosting a rather LA version of the party at The Lobby from 5-8pm and at mmhmmm thereafter. They’ll be a burlesque dancer literally “hitting the poles” to add some eye candy and a witty play on words into the mix. There will also be a massage therapist on hand to dole out chair massages to stressed-out election watchers, and a fun game involving red and blue dots.

The Standard Hollywood