Shreve & Co.’s Brilliant Move

A rendering of the new Shreve & Co.
A rendering of the new Shreve & Co.

For 110 years, high-end jeweler Shreve & Co. occupied the corner space at 200 Post Street. However, in spring 2015, thanks to San Francisco’s booming real estate market, the company announced it could no longer afford the lease at its namesake building. Co-owner and managing partner Lane Schiffman was disappointed, but he was determined to find a new home for the iconic SF-based brand. After moving into a smaller space temporarily, this November Shreve & Co. will open its doors at the new 150 Post Street flagship—less than a block away from its old home. On the eve of the opening, Haute Living chatted with Schiffman about the move and the luxury jewelry market in San Francisco.

Lane Schiffman
Lane Schiffman

Was it hard to move out of the location that had been your home for so many years?

Moving out of the historic Shreve & Co. building was not an easy move, but a necessary one. We have moved from a location with 5,500 square feet to a newly designed store with more than 15,000 square feet that will accommodate our discerning buyers’ needs. With two full floors of selling space, we’ve created in-store boutiques, private selling suites, and an entertainment room complete with all the technology to communicate with our sellers and buyers from around the world. In addition to our own signature jewelry collections, a few of the specialized boutiques include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Harry Kotlar Diamonds, Mikimoto, and Marco Bicego. All services will be on the premises, from a watchmaker to an estate jewelry appraiser and consultant.

What are you most excited about with the redesign?

We worked alongside the renowned Lochte Architectural Group to create a state of the art jewelry store that will give all of our customers the opportunity to enjoy a brilliant environment to shop in and appreciate. From details like the customized chandeliers designed by Yellow Goat of Australia to the broader experience for each customer when he or she walks in, the store will be all about luxury and personalized customer service.

What is unique about this location?

Less than 50 yards away from our previous establishment, a new Shreve & Co. will open its doors to a sophisticated selling space that is three times the size of our old space. We will have new designer brands, private client salons, and a sparkling diamond and engagement section.

Penny Preville enchanted garland ear cuffs can be found at Shreve & Co
Penny Preville enchanted garland ear cuffs can be found at Shreve & Co

What distinguishes the San Francisco market from other cities?

Amid the Bay Area tech boom, we have seen a renewed sense of appreciation for luxury jewelry and timepieces that carry a certain everlasting value and high quality in their intricate craftsmanship and longevity.

How has the concept of real luxury changed over the past decade?

Specifically in San Francisco, with the rates of disposable income increasing, our customers look to us to deliver unique and exclusive products that include everything from a D Flawless diamond to Minute Repeater timepieces from Patek Philippe.

What’s the biggest challenge for any luxury brand today?

For independent luxury brands, the challenge is customer loyalty since we have seen our customers want the very best in each brand category.

What are some of your favorite places in San Francisco?

Nothing beats staying at Campton Place Hotel—a San Francisco institution—and dining at Leo’s Oyster Bar for the best martinis and oysters. The new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is another destination I visit frequently because its collection mirrors our philosophy at Shreve & Co. by allowing historical mediums to be represented in an ultramodern setting.