Celebrating 25 Years of the Beverly Hills Peninsula

The Bevedere at the Peninsula
The Belvedere at the Peninsula

Tucked away off the grid is a hidden gem, The Peninsula Beverly Hills. This year, they celebrate their 25th anniversary as one of the best luxury hotels in the world, with the clients, reputation, and accolades to prove it. One of the reasons they’ve managed to stay on top after 25 years? The Peninsula is always ahead of the curve when it comes to raising the bar in luxury and service.

The unique feeling starts in the lobby, which is the energetic, heartbeat of the hotel. With house pianist, Antonio, on the grand piano, and the buzz of the Club Bar, the area exudes a subtle excitement and anticipation one experiences as they approach a great party. That childlike curiosity of what lies on the other side of the entrance? Whatever it is… you know it will be memorable.

Poppies by Donald Sultan
Poppies by Donald Sultan

The welcoming smiles of a meticulous staff prepared to accommodate just about any request you may have. It is hard to avoid feeling… well…. important. I sometimes scratch my head wondering how this rather quaint boutique hotel is able to be so flexible and patient with some of the most demanding, high-profile guests I have ever seen. Even more so when Oscars, Emmy’s or Grammy’s are on. The mantra here is, “If a guest asks, and it’s not illegal…let’s make it happen.”  These were the words of General Manager, Offer Nissenbaum, as he depicts what it’s like to lead a team of motivated staff members who go above and beyond for their guests. From personal dog walkers, custom green juice, or a drop off in the house Rolls Royce, the Peninsula assures that each guest will be comfortable.  At the Peninsula, the word “no” is rare.  If they can accommodate you…then you shall receive.

Fireplace leading to the Belvedere patio
Fireplace leading to the Belvedere patio

This year, was the rebirth of the Belvedere restaurant, featuring a new look and a new menu. The contemporary dining room and patio transports diners to a cozy atmosphere that is sure to lower their blood pressure immediately. In line with the hotels philosophy of progressive thinking, the decor is “new traditional” surrounded by world renowned contemporary work from artists such as Alex Katz, Yoyoi Kusama, Donald Sultan and Robert Indiana. The new expanded patio, anchored by a large Podocarpus tree, is truly spectacular. The garden includes a Tuscan-style fireplace that compliments the Mediterranean cuisine. The service as well as the cuisine here is phenomenal. Everything is always as it should be. So if you are due for some pampering and would like to feel taken care of, book a trip, a stay-cation or even just a dinner reservation at Belvedere. At the very minimum, you must try the Peninsula’s historic afternoon High Tea for a luxurious and relaxing afternoon.

For reservations visit beverlyhills.peninsula.com/