Dr. Anthony Bared Shares Tips for Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Tips for choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon—

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedure. It is important as a patient to be extremely well-educated when making a decision in choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon. Although by no means an exhaustive list, below are some helpful and important questions you should be asking when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon:

1.What is their specialty training?

Facial plastic surgery is a specialty which has its roots in otolaryngology. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery is the surgical subspecialty which treats diseases of face, head and neck. Facial plastic surgeons are cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons exclusively dedicated to the face.

2. What procedures does the surgeon most commonly perform?

Given the challenge of rhinoplasty, it is important that your surgeon has a lot of experience with this complicated surgery. Ask your surgeon, on average, how many rhinoplasties they perform each month.

3. Is the surgeon board certified and, if so, in what specialties?

Board certification is a rigorous vetting process requiring years of surgical training, the successful passing of written and oral board examinations, and a review of the surgeon’s surgical performance.

4. Are the surgeon’s before and after photos consistent with your own goals?

Review the quality of the surgeon’s before and after photos. Although everyone’s outcome is unique, before and after photos are a good way for you to acquaint yourself with the surgeon and their potential results.

5. After meeting with the surgeon, do you feel comfortable that your goals are mutual?

It is important to meet with your surgeon to help determine if you feel comfortable with them as your physician. Rhinoplasty is not so much a surgery as a process requiring long term follow-up. The post-operative course is very important in determining the long term results. Ensure that your surgeon has your best interest in mind not only at the time of the procedure but throughout your post-operative course.

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