What’s on Their Desk: The Fabulous Founders of Comptoir 102

Launched in 2012 by two Parisian girls, Emmanuelle Sawko and Alexandra de Montaudouin, Comptoir 102 has established itself as one of the best concept stores in the city. As a former winner of the Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Award for Best Furniture Store and a firm favourite of international travel guides and fashion magazines, the Comptoir 102 space has been conceived as a home – with its kitchen, lounge, garden and terrace- combining fashion, home ware and organic café and restaurant. The concept has become a favourite for healthy eating and a hidden treasure for discerning shoppers with its curated eclectic mix of fashion, interior design and furniture from around the globe.Emma Alex

Alex and Emma introduced the concept store and healthy restaurant away from all the malls with uniquely selected collections from fashion, jewelry and home ware. The designers featured in-store are handpicked by the owners and each collection comes with its own story, making every piece truly unique. The differences in their career, taste and experiences however, is what makes them a great team and what made up for the specific style Comptoir 102 has become famous for.

The philosophy behind the Comptoir Café is to share the joy of a simple meal with friends. Real food, for everyday life, that is generous, nourishing, in harmony with our body, our souls, our environment. The recipes, curated by Alex and Emma themselves, are made with fresh, wholesome and organic ingredients which are harvested and delivered daily from a local organic farm. Earning its title of “House of Cool” with its L.A. vibes, the store is constantly evolving and changing décor with new arrivals, trunk shows and events, making each visit a special time always with something new to discover.

What does your average day look like?
Busy, busy, busy! I wake up super early to spend some time with my 3 children and make sure they are organized for their day. Once they are off to school, I head out for a hour of kick boxing or a yoga session and that is where I get my energy for the day. I am usually at the office by 9.30AM. My days tend to end rather late but I always make sure that I am home for a good dinner with the kids!

ALEX: A very early start with a swim or walk on the beach which is usually followed by an Acai bowl and a green Sencha tea Comptoir 102. Following this the hectic portion of the day usually begins with a schedule full of people to meet with, decisions to make and wonderful matcha green teas to drink.

What top five items comprise your desktop arsenal? Why?
For obvious reasons, my computer and my phone. Who could live without these items?:) There are also always lots of food samples for me to try, a lot of suppliers catalogues to review and a delicious candle from Collection 102 –  the first ever product of our brand.

ALEX: My Apple laptop. A bottle of water. My Iphone charger as my Iphone has a great tendency to start losing it’s battery power in the early afternoon.
My agenda as I like to see the schedule of my days written on it and it’s the indispensable support to my memory. Lastly, interior design and food magazines can always be found on my desk as I’m totally addicted to them.

What is one desktop item you just cannot live without?
The Comptoir 102 Green Juice I have every morning!

ALEX: My laptop!

What are some must have designer pieces for this year?
The new bags from Delphine Delafon, the entire summer collection of jewelry designer, Pascal Monvoisin, a pink Bishop from India Mahdavi and a pair of shoes from Inga Savits.

ALEX: India Mahdavi with a selection of the many colours of the ceramic stools and the new Don Giovanni lights.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
My travels!

ALEX: I am constantly inspired by the people I meet and the places I go. Whether its from my travels or walks in the streets, in magazines, Pinterest, chats with friends, when I walk on the beach or swim, when my children surprise me with some new teenager trends, there is always something new to learn.

What is your favorite spot in the Dubai?
 The beach which is next to my house. It is the ideal location at sunset for a meditative walk.

ALEX: The Jetty Lounge and the One&Only at sunset.