Dinner + a Show at Faena = the Ultimate Date Night

Faena Hotel_Pao_Photo by Nik Koenig
Pao by Paul Qui

Dinner and a show has long been a perfect date night for couples and those hoping to be. Now, the Miami Beach’s fabulous new Faena hotel has its own version of this time-honored tradition with a theater menu at Pao by Paul Qui and C’est Rouge! cabaret show at Faena’s theater. Like all things Faena, it’s dipped in scarlet—hense the show’s name—and features old-world on-stage entertainment with jugglers, live music and dancers in lingerie doing steamy vignettes in both classic cabaret and ’60s beach-bunny styles. Either way, the vibe is rather sensual, making it perfect for that magic third date or for married couples trying to find some magic on “date night.”

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Faena’s jewel box theater (set up with tables and chairs for this show) is an experience in itself, but it gets even better when enjoyed with dinner at Pao. Their $100 pre-theater pre-fixe menu offers up four dishes over three courses that shows off some of their most popular dishes and will leave you plenty satisfied. Our favorites include the Hiramasa Kinilaw served with hearts of palm and the Pork Adobo Rice, served with a fried duck egg. We also recommend the short rib, but your best bet is to get one of everything because eating at Pao is an exploration of unique flavors that is not for the timid. (Make your reservation here.)

C’est Rouge! performances run on weekends, with one show on Friday at 10:30pm, and two on Saturdays at 8 p.m and 10:30 p.m.. This means on the biggest date night of the week, Pao’s Theater Menu, which is served from 6–10pm, can be had before and after the performance, depending on which show you catch.  Possibilities, possibilities. Ponder them with the delicious menu below.




Hiramasa Kinilaw

Hearts of Palm, Coconut Milk & Vinegar, Red Onion, Coriander, Arbequina Olive Oil


Grilled Greens

A Variety of Grilled Bitter & Sweet Greens, Pine Nut Praline, Green Apple, Charred Onion Sour Cream




Wild Mushroom Rice

Koshihikari Rice, Wild Mushrooms, Aioli, Pickled Onions, Bitter Greens


Pork Adobo Rice

Ginger Jasmine Rice, Pork Adobo, Fried Duck Egg, Cilantro, Dried Shrimp, Green Mango Pico


Smoked Short Rib Asado

72-Hour Wagyu Beef, Atchara, Seasonal Pickles, Japanese Sweet Potato Purée


Market Fish Fillet

Cilantro, Chile Patis, Atchara, Garlic-Ginger Rice



Halo halo

Shave Ice, Kaffir Milk, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Cococnut, Tamarind, Fermented Banana Sorbet



Chocolate, Pandan Rice Pudding

Soft Drinks & Iced Tea Included

C'est Rouge 2 cest_Rouge_main-2000x1171

Tickets begin at $45 (reserve here)