NYC’s World-Famous Carlyle Hotel Is Renting Out Luxury Suites


Few New York hotels are as storied as The Carlyle. The Upper East Side landmark has served as a home away from home for such esteemed guests as President John F. Kennedy, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Madonna, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Woody Allen. Now, the hotel is putting dozens of its luxury suites on the rental market.

The hotel, which is located at 35 East 76th street, is renting out suites at prices ranging from $12,750 for a 485-square-foot one-bedroom studio to $150,000 for a 4,825-square-foot, four-bedroom suite.

One of the hotel’s biggest claims to fame is its air of secrecy. For many New Yorkers, the interior of the Carlyle remains a mystery.

“This is one of the most famous hotels in the world and yet no one really knows what’s behind the door,” says David Salvatore of CORE, who is exclusively marketing the homes on behalf of the Carlyle. “Even real estate experts who’ve seen almost every inch of the city say to me, ‘I’ve never been in there.’ They’ve been to the Cafe Carlyle, or maybe they’ve had tea in the lobby, but no one has been beyond the first floor.”

The crown jewel of the rental properties is a 2,600-square-foot duplex known as the Empire Suite. The apartment was designed by interior designer Thierry Despont and was owned by J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler. The price for the Empire Suite has yet to be disclosed.

The Carlyle has managed to attract numerous celebrities and dignitaries over the years thanks to its reputation for immaculate service. “It’s not just you’re normal twice-daily maid service and room service,” Salvatore says. “The concierge service is like your personal assistant, whether you want to arrange to have a picnic in the park, have a personal chef come to your room to prepare dinner, or even find an expert tailor to fit your suit at the last minute. They’re here to help you in every facet of your life.”

(Via TheRealDeal and The New York Daily News)

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