Haute Secrets: Famed Perfumer Dhaher

Dhaher bin Dhaher, more famously known as Dhaher, was born in September 1977 in Dubai. As a young child, Dhaher experienced diverse cultures from local and traditional to modern through his travels. He would spend summer in London, which they call their second home, and other parts of Europe with his family.

Dhaher’s education circulated around Dubai and London, finishing his degree in Marketing at Boston University which ignited his success in his career despite juggling responsibilities and wearing different hats between his full-time work, family business and his own company.

After discovering his passion, Dhaher has never taken a look back. He spent his childhood in an environment where perfumery was part of the lifestyle that triggered his journey in discovering and developing Tola.

Dhaher was first introduced to perfumery by his mother, who like many others in the gulf practiced the art of mixing perfume oils and creating bukhoors in a secret tradition that had been passed on throughout generations.

Dhaher spent three years traveling to aid his research and development for the brand until its launch in December 2013 together with the inception of Villa 515, as the brand’s home in the Middle East. Today, Tola is being retailed in the Middle East, Europe, USA, and UK.

Dr. Nasrine talked with famed perfumer Dhaher bin Dhaher about his accomplishments in the industry and what he loves most about Dubai.

Dhaher bin Dhaher
Dhaher bin Dhaher

Where were you born? Born and raised in Dubai

How long have you lived in your region? All my life, 38 years.

Neighborhood: We’ve changed from one place to another. In Hamriya, Deira during childhood and now, Khawaneej

Occupation: I wear different hats. I have my own business, a family business to ran and a corporate life in the government sector. Abudhabi Global Market to be specific.

Favorite Restaurant: I enjoy both fine and casual dining. In Dubai, it’s Ustadi, an old Iranian kebab place and I’m into exploring different restaurants and fine dining places overseas.

Best Sushi: Onagi

Best place for a romantic date: I’m spontaneous

Best Sunday Brunch: Ooh, not a brunch guy

Best place for a power business meeting: The garden of Villa 515

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? Dessert Palm or Raffles Dubai

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: Anywhere in London and NY

Best Spa: The Lime Spa in Dessert Palm

Favorite Cultural Event: Nothing in particular

Best Gym/Athletic Facility: Recently, I’ve been enjoying Cobra Gym in Abudhahi

Describe your city in three words: Rich, diversified, traditional

All-around favorite spot in in your town: Anywhere that has a garden, it could be a home or just a random spot elsewhere.

Best Aspect of your town/city/region: I like how it remains to be preserved despite it being tagged as rich and diversified culturally and traditionally.