What’s In NYC’s $15,000 Cocktail?

Diamond Is Forever Martini
Diamond Is Forever Martini

A city as expensive as New York certainly attracts people with extravagant taste. In a city where you can find the best of everything, people are willing to settle for no less than perfection.

A martini on the rocks is a classic for cocktail aficionados worldwide. However a martini on the rock, is something delectably different. New York’s most sophisticated cocktail belongs to Andy Goetz’s Uncorked. The Diamond Is Forever is a vodka martini, and comes with the hardest rock of all, a diamond. This diamond is so special that it must be ordered three days in advanced and requires an appointment with a specialist jewelry maker. Based upon your diamond selection, the cocktail could actually run you up to $15,000. No joke. It is obvious that this amount of effort is likely reserved for special occasions; but you never know, it is New York after all.

Uncorked can be found in the Upper East Side and aside from having New York’s most expensive cocktail, has a pretty reasonably priced food and wine menu. From croquet madams to pan-seared salmon you can find a little bit of everything here. You might think that they wouldn’t list their incredibly pricey Diamond is forever, but it is listed at the very bottom:

**Diamond is Forever Martini
• **$10,000
Forget the olive, this grey goose vodka with fresh lime juice comes with a one carat diamond engagement ring.
One of the most expensive cocktails in New York City, but that’s for one lucky girl!