This Las Vegas Property Boasts A $1.2 Million Smart Home System

Las Vegas is no ordinary place, and a $1.2 million smart home system is no ordinary amenity. Thus, it makes total sense that this extraordinary system is found at CAVU just a few miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. The Crestron smart home automation system is streamlining essentially all home functions to be manageable at the touch of a button.

Starting from the moment you wake up, Crestron is ready to make your life easier. A touch of the “wake” button softly raises the home’s lights––which in this case are designed by world-renowned David Singer––preheats the bathroom, and turns on the TV to the channel of your choosing. Gone are the days when you had to turn around because you forgot to lock the door or turn off the TV. In one touch, Crestron can do all of that for you. In fact, the system is so “smart” that it will even send you email notifications should it detect a problem when you’re not home.


Beyond the technology, the property is itself something to marvel at. The five-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 13,255-square-foot home is like living in your own private resort. CAVU was created by award-winning architect Eric Stain who created three levels with specified functions titled Eat, Sleep, and Play. Each floor, no matter the function, boasts the highest quality materials, finishes, fixtures, and design. Just to give you a taste, on the “Sleep” level, you will find touches like an eight-foot teak wood trough sink; natural stone countertops; heated floors; and an outdoor deck with bed, spa, fire feature, shower, TV, and wet bar.

The CAVU property is listed on Zillow at $12,500,000.


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