5 Haute Spots to Sip Perfect Martinis in SF


There is nothing quite like a perfect martini. It has the ability to ease a tired soul and relax an anxious mind. It’s a timeless cocktail that, like the little black dress, will never go out of style. However, for a martini to be truly perfect, a series of elements must come together in effortless harmony. Every thing—from the type of gin (or vodka, if that is what you prefer) and vermouth used, to the garnish (lemon twist vs. olives) to and the bar in which you’re sipping the bracing libation—matters. A certain type of atmosphere is required for the martini to be superior. The establishment shouldn’t be too much of a dive, but rather a cozy and welcoming place that embraces ones need for a potent and boozy cocktail. San Francisco is a cocktail lover’s paradise and many excellent martinis can be found at the wonderful craft mixology bars like Comstock Saloon and Elixir. Yet there are few places that elevate the martini experience to the next level. When you’re in need of a truly remarkable martini, you can’t beat one of the following five places.