Haute Secrets Boston: Christopher Walker

Some of Chef Christopher Walker’s best culinary inspirations come from his travels throughout the world. The personal chef/owner of Walker’s Foods takes his creations to a new level when developing menus for his at-home clients.

Chef Christopher WalkerPhoto Credit: Chef Christopher Walker

Walker’s multi-course dinners include dishes like hamachi sashimi with Urfa, sea beans, shisho, soy sauce, lime, puffed wild rice and sugar snap peas; and chicken roulade stuffed with chicken sausage, bacon, garlic, onion, fresh herbs finished with chicken jus, served with black rice, scallions bottoms, and lemon.

We caught up with Walker recently to find out what he loves most about Boston.

Where were you born: I am a native of Dorchester, MA.

How long in Boston: I grew up in Boston, but have lived many places (California, Rhode Island, New York and Florida).

Neighborhood: Inman Square

Occupation: Chef/Owner of Walker’s Foods: personal chef and catering services; lead butcher at Savenor’s Butcher Shop and adjunct culinary instructor at Newbury College.

Favorite Restaurant: I love Muqueca Restaurant. They do an amazing job at show casing true, flavorful, bold ingredients of Brazil. A must try.

Best Sushi: Hard to pick the best one, I have two. Uni, their combinations are well balanced and unique and Cafe Sushi clean and traditional flavors.

Best Italian: Sportello, their decorum is modern, the pasta is on point and they have great service.

Best dessert: I would say Christina’s Homemade Ice cream in Cambridge, MA. They serve great homemade ice cream year round. Lots of great flavors to choose from.

Best place for a romantic date: This is a hard one. No. 9 Park, the food is great, the service is flawless, and if you have a seat in the front dining area you will be overlooking the Boston Common’s beauty.

Best Sunday brunch: I don’t have many chances to get out on a Sunday, but on a Monday you cannot go wrong with Trina’s Starlite Lounge. Most locals refer to it as industry brunch because you will find chefs, servers, bartenders and hospitality persons in almost every seat. Great music plays, with laughter all around, and tasty foods zipping from the kitchen what seems every 30 seconds. Skip work, this is a must try!

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? The Kendall Hotel. It’s minutes away from the Charles River. Near to MIT and many good foods spots are near, too. The hotel is also small, you will feel as if you’re in someone’s home.

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: The Boston Copley Farmer’s Market is amazing, with great produce, cheeses, meats, flowers, prepared foods and more. They have about 20-25 different farms and vendors. Check it out Tuesday and Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Located across from the Copley library, which is also a cool place to visit.

Favorite Charity Event: Artist for Humanity’s Best Party on Earth yearly event. It raises money for Artist for Humanity, a non-profit that supports inner-city high school students via hiring, training and teaching an array of arts: photography, painting, sculpture, silk screen, graphics, fashion and more.

Favorite Cultural Event: Boston Carnival Village, is a showcase of culture and tradition originating in Trinidad. One of Boston’s liveliest events.

Best Steakhouse: The Butcher Shop in the South End. They take the extra step to source locally and work with farmers to provide the best ingredients. They also have an amazing wine program. Great place for a date, too.

Best Pizza: Santarpio’s in East Boston. They’re about what every good pizza place should be about…the pizza. It’s flavorful, well thought out, and the crust is perfect. Their crew is well seasoned, most of their team has been there 10+ years. You feel as if you walked into someone’s house when ordering to-go, it’s awesome.

Best Lunch: Chef life does not permit for much lunch time but there is nothing like heading to the Boston Common, grabbing a sausage and peppers and sitting near the flower garden. If it’s cold out, head to Island Creek Oyster Bar for their chowder or any dish.

Best Museum/Exhibit: Artist for Humanity in South Boston. Their art gallery, building, and layout are a must see.

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore: Boston has a great history as most know and there is not a neighborhood that you can visit that has not made an impact historically. So, visit Wally’s Cafe. It’s a small jazz bar that plays live music 365 days a year. From the outside, you would think you’re about to walk into someone’s home. As you open the door be ready to hear some of the best jazz is the country. Oh not to forget, this place has been around since 1947, making it the oldest family owned jazz bar that you will find. Great for nightlife.

All-around favorite spot in Boston: Jamaica Pond. I fished there as a kid with my dad. It’s the perfect place for a run or walk and the neighboring homes are beautiful.

Best Aspect of Boston: The people. The people of the community, colleges and business really make Boston a melting-pot. People from all over the world live here. That is what I love about this city, there is so much culture and different foods. It’s the perfect city for getting to know the world.