Haute 100: Watch Serena Williams Serve Up Amazing Tennis Tricks Ahead of the French Open


As Haute 100 lister Serena Williams continue on her quest for tennis world domination at the French Open, she still has a little time to have some fun. The tennis star appears on Dude Perfect effortlessly showcasing her amazing serve.

The seven minute and 41 seconds video show case Williams with the men of Dude Perfect executing a number of tennis trick shots. The video commences with one of the men asking, “Serena there is a water balloon on the string what are you going to do with the water balloon.” Williams reply, “Pop goes the water balloon.” Unlike most of us, Williams easily served the water balloon on the first try.

Following the water balloon trick, Williams is seen serving another effortless shot to a can that sits upon one of the guy’s from Dude Perfect head. Prior to the serve, Williams admit she is nervous she will hit her fellow trick partner in the face. However, Williams is a true tennis star with lots of precision and of course easily hits the can off of his head.

The fellas of Dude Perfect also ask the world’s most greatest tennis star a few questions. Highlights include:

Q. If you were not Serena and had to be named after a planet, what would your name be?

Williams: Venus. Well, I wouldn’t want to be Earth or Mercury. Pluto is technically not a planet anymore.

Q. Serena Williams is driving in a car you need to stop at a gas station and get a snack and a drink what are you grabbing?

Williams: I’m definitely grabbing some chips. I love jalapeño chips.

Williams then flips the script and ask the men a few questions. She inquires, “Pop tarts or toaster strudel?

One of the men replies, “If I have time, I am going toaster strudel all day.

As for the French Open, Williams opening match is slated to take place Tuesday, May 24th against Magdalena Rybarikova.

Watch the hilarious video with Williams and the men of Dude Perfect below.

Featured photo via Instagram