Brett Ratner’s New Whiskey Scores Big at San Francisco Spirits Competition


Director Brett Ratner’s latest project has nothing to do with celluloid and everything to do with imbibing. The new project is a premium American whiskey brand called The Hilhaven Lodge after his storied Beverly Hills estate. While the new spirit has yet to be officially launched on a national level, it is already getting accolades. The Hilhaven Lodge whiskey won a double gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Fanita Presman, Maria Shriver, Brett Ratner
Fanita Presman, Maria Shriver, Brett Ratner at The Hilhaven Lodge

Through special giftings and small get-togethers, a few lucky people have had the chance to sip the award-winning whiskey. To celebrate the introduction, Ratner hosted a handful of close friends who were able to experience the drink at Hilhaven Lodge, Ratner’s 1927 historic Hollywood estate which has been called a posh playground of Hollywood’s elite.
“I feel very lucky to be the proud owner of Hilhaven Lodge for my generation,” says Ratner. “Hilhaven Lodge has been home to many Hollywood celebrations for decades before me. The house whiskey,  The Hilhaven Lodge, is a chance for me to share the spirit of my home with people around the world.


The whiskey is made in partnership with Diageo, and is hand-bottled at Stitzel-Weller in Louisville, Kentucky. The spirit’s launch has begun in Los Angeles and Miami, which will be the site of another unofficial launch party on Wednesday, May 4th, when Miami’s Haute 100 will have the chance to sip a blend made from three distinct decades of whiskey for an unbelievably smooth tasting experience. Tasting notes include fruit, dark brown caramel. The mid-palate speaks of clove, aged rye with a lush vanilla and oak finish.

“What’s exciting for me is that for generations to come, people celebrating everywhere can enjoy our ‘house whiskey,” explains the director. “The Hilhaven Lodge, and taste what it’s like to be living the dream.”


The design on the bottle has been done to the director’s exacting standards and includes well-appointed details like an “H” created out of the label’s negative space on the bottle, a wood cork cap and beautiful bottle with a timeless design that subtly evokes old Hollywood glamour.

In addition to newbie The Hilhaven Lodge, Diageo’s other whiskey brands did very well in the competition overall, earning a total of 43 medals in the Whiskey category, including ten double gold medals. Other medalists include Johnnie Walker, Bulleit Bourbon and Orphan Barrel. Diageo’s portfolio of Scotches earned seven of the highly-coveted medals as well.

Check The Hilhaven Lodge website to discover where to buy in select cities.