5 Reasons to Check Out MiumMium Right Now

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two or a lively meal for 20 in your home, the chefs at MiumMium have got you covered. The professional chefs here will do all of the work for you from grocery shopping to preparing a multi-course meal and even the cleanup. MiumMium offers home-cooked, professionally prepared dinners available from the comfort of your own home. Think of it as the “Uber of the culinary world” as you can choose from more than 9,000 chefs offering 2,500 different menus.

We tried the on-demand chef service that recently launched in Boston and here’s five reasons why you need to check out MiumMium right now.

  1. In-Home Chef Cooking: Choose a menu and leave the rest to the chef – It’s so easy; just visit the website, click on “I am a client” and register to see which chefs are available in your neighborhood. From there, we chose Christopher Walker and were able to see what menus were his specialties (he was willing to prepare whatever we wished or make suggestions). Once we established an account, we were able to communicate with Walker directly.
  2. Restaurant Quality Dining in Your Own Home: The concept, which is the brainchild of award-winning Chef Chloe St-Cyr, was designed to connect foodies with personal chefs for a fun culinary experiences at home. The experience can be as interactive as you choose – relax and let the chef do all of the cooking or watch him prepare each dish while listening to the chef’s techniques.
  3. Chef Christopher Walker’s Cooking: “My cooking style is inspired by my travels,” he said. “The east coast, west coast, Singapore, Thailand and various parts of Europe are just a few places that I learned from. The ingredients, techniques and cultural understanding I obtained during these travels allow me to create meals that all can relate to.” Walker, who is also a culinary instructor at Newbury College, says his cooking specialties are African, Asian, French, Mexican, Middle Eastern and vegetarian.
  4. Creative Menus: We chose the “Food and Friends” menu for Walker to prepare. He started off with a sampling of Hamachi sashimi with, Urfa, sea beans, shisho, soy sauce, lime, puffed wild rice, and sugar snap peas. “The fish is thinly sliced to melt on the plate while the Urfa offers smoky and earthy notes,” Walker said. “The shiso adds herbaceousness and a slight spice to the dish, the soy is salty and adds umami to the dish; the lime is the acid that brightens the dish; puffed wild rice adds crunch/texture to the dish; and the sugar snap peas highlight the sweetness of the fish.”

MiumMiumPhoto Credit: MiumMiumWhile we were enjoying this dish, Walker was cleaning up and preparing for the second dish of roasted cauliflower with stewed pearl onions, pickled plums, sumac, and scallions.

MiumMiumPhoto Credit: MiumMium

Next up was the main event chicken Ballotine (chicken roulade stuffed with chicken sausage, bacon, garlic, onion, fresh herbs and finished with chicken jus, served with black rice, scallions bottoms, and lemon). “Every part of the chicken is used for this dish, to include the feet, head, bones and offal,” he said. “The chicken breast is butterflied and wrapped around the chicken sausage, which is made from the leg meat of the chicken, offal, eggs, chicken skin, cream, bacon, garlic, onion, herbs. The chicken bones are made into a broth that is reduced by 90 percent and used as a sauce on the plate. Black rice accompanies the chicken, black rice is hearty and can hold moisture well, I used it like a porridge, cooking it with the chicken stock until was slightly soft. This added a creaminess to the dish to slow down the flavors of the dish, by sticking to the palate longer.”

MiumMiumPhoto Credit: MiumMium

For dessert, he brought along with him a deliciously light and tart lemon cheesecake with graham cracker crust. “This is a simple cheesecake that I add fresh lemon juice and lemon zest, to lighten up a normally heavy dessert,” he said.

5. No Cleanup: Chef Christopher continuously cleaned while he was preparing leaving us with nothing but a clean kitchen when we were finished our meal.