5 Philanthropist Pro Tips From The Gal Who Wrote the Book

Author Jean Shafiroff
Author Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff, philanthropist, humanitarian and author of Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give is considered to be at the vanguard of a new movement of modern philanthropists. Shafiroff’s philanthropy goes beyond financial contributions and includes the gifts of extensive time and knowledge. A volunteer fundraiser, leader and spokesperson for several charitable causes, the spectrum of her philanthropic work includes improving the lives of underserved populations, women’s rights and well-being, health care, animal welfare and resources for children in need, in addition to other causes.

Shafiroff serves on the boards of New York City Mission Society, New York Women’s Foundation, French Heritage Society, Couture Council (Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology), Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (20+ years), Southampton Hospital, New York City Mission Society,Southampton Animal Shelter Honorary Board, and Southampton Bath & Tennis Club’s Charitable Foundation.

She wrote ‘Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give,’ complete with foreword by Georgina Bloomberg, as a practical guide to modern giving that redefines philanthropy for today’s era. For Shafiroff, philanthropy encompasses giving time and knowledge, which are resources that can be just as valuable as financial contributions. Whether you’re a new philanthropist, a member of a charity’s Board of Directors, or just getting started as a volunteer, Successful Philanthropy offers the practical guidance and inspiring perspective that empowers all of us to take part in building a better world.

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Today, she share five of her top tips in becoming a successful philanthropist with Haute Living readers:

  1. First, it helps to be passionate about a cause. With a passion for a cause comes the desire to create change and help solve world problems. If you are not passionate about a cause then look for an area that needs your help. You will want to be involved where you can make a difference.  To have a vision of how you might create change will help you to become a successful philanthropist.
  1. Be committed to do your part. This means taking action and getting involved. You can be involved by volunteering available time and knowledge and then giving available resources.
  1. Research different charities to find one that is well run, handles its money properly and whose mission appeals to you. My book explains how to go abut this.
  1. A successful philanthropist will want to help educate others about the importance of philanthropy and then help the next generation to understand the importance of giving.
  1. A successful philanthropist understands how important it is to treat those around him or her with dignity and respect. This means that during the process of giving you will show your regard for those you come in contact with. If you are involved with a charity, you are an ambassador for that charity! A successful philanthropist will feel fulfilled with knowing that by giving comes many rewards — knowing that you are helping to change those in need around.  Through giving comes fulfillment.