Haute Secrets: Coconut Cartel’s Mike Zig Shares His Miami


Mike Zig of Coconut Cartel
Mike Zig of Coconut Cartel

During a trip to El Salvador in January 2013, Mike Zig discovered a farm that grew some of the best tasting coconuts in the world. While playing golf one day, Mike’s friend poked a hole into a coconut with a key, threw in a straw, and handed it to him. Born and raised between El Salvador and Miami, Mike grew up on coconuts, but he had never encountered a coconut that was so easy to open or as delicious as this one.

Determined to spread the word about these rare and delicious coconuts, Mike filled up his luggage with as many coconuts as he could and smuggled them back to Miami. Coconut Cartel was born.

Mike used his contagious personality, experience, and connections to build a one-of-a-kind lifestyle and beverage brand that ultimately became a household name in the hospitality space from Miami to NYC to the cruise line industry. Mike’s infectious personality and connections have enabled him to smuggle coconuts into the hands of numerous celebrities such as Prince Harry, Drake, Steven Tyler, Kendall Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, Adrian Grenier, Martha Stewart, Kygo, Bobby Flay.

He is now focusing on “exporting miami” to the world with a few projects in the pipeline.

Where were you born:
Miami Beach

How long in Miami:
29 years

North Bay

Food and Beverage Entrepreneur

Favorite Restaurant:

Best Sushi:
japanese market

Best Italian:

Trattoria Casa Mia

Best dessert:
Persian sundae at Fooq’s

Best place for a romantic date:
Cruising Biscayne Bay on a boat with lots of vino

Best Sunday brunch:
Blue Collar

Best place for a power business meeting:
Lido at The Standard is always a good spot to make deals, the vibe makes for good outcomes.

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend:
The Edition really upped the ante here on the beach, everyone I’ve sent there has loved it.

Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
I’m “OG” so I’m going with Bal Harbour. Its really hard to top it.

Best Spa:
The Standard

Favorite Charity Event:
Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Halloween Party

Favorite  Event:
The South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Favorite  Institution:

Best Steakhouse:
Las Vacas Gordas

Best Pizza:
Steve’s Pizza

Best Lunch:
Buena Vista Bistro and Deli

Best Gym/Athletic Facility:
The Fontainebleau’s Gym

Best Massage:
The Standard Couples’ Massage is pretty good.

Best Limousine/Driving Service:
Aventura Limo

Describe your city in three words:
Haute as f*ck ;)

Coconut Cartel Coconut
Coconut Cartel Coconut