Haute 100: Stephen Ross Dishes on His Vision for Hudson Yards


Touted as one of the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States as well as the largest development in New York City since Rockefeller Center, Hudson Yards is slated to reshape Manhattan’s West Side. Haute 100 lister and developer of Hudson Yards along with Oxford Properties Group, Stephen Ross has big plans for the property.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Ross revealed a little bit of what New Yorkers can expect. He said, “It will be to New York what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. We are keeping it under wraps. We will introduce it in July. I don’t think anybody in the past 50 years or more has spent $150 million privately to develop a public art piece that will really be the icon to the city. The last time something like this happened, we got the Statue of Liberty from France. I realize that’s a bold statement. But everybody we have shown it to has agreed.”

According to the Hudson Yard’s site, the development will boast commercial and residential space, state-of-the-art office towers, more than 100 shops, a collection of restaurants, approximately 5,000 residences, a unique cultural space, 14 acres of public open space, a 750-seat public school and a 200-room Equinox branded luxury hotel.

Ross, who is the founder and chairman of the Related Cos., continued, “We think the center of gravity, which I regard as Rockefeller Center, will shift to Hudson Yards with all the things that we are doing.…If you look at the companies that are coming here, they are leaving Midtown and places like Rockefeller Center. They’re leaving some of the most prestigious addresses in the city. They recognize that the way you do business, the amount of space you need to occupy, the way buildings are powered, the sustainability, the resiliency of the buildings to withstand storms, and the backup systems, have all changed. Technology has changed.”

Thus far, we know the global headquarters of Coach, Inc. is relocating to Hudson Yards and the first-ever Neiman Marcus in NYC will also be onsite. As for restaurant collections, it will be co-curated by renowned Chef Thomas Keller featuring José Andrés and Costas Spiliadis.

To get the entire deets of Ross’ vision visit WWD.