Enjoy a Gluten-Free Meal at Chalk Point Kitchen

On January 11th, Chalk Point Kitchen, a hip SoHo restaurant specializing in vegan fine dining celebrated #NationalGlutenFreeDay with a haute menu designed by No Bread, a popular online blog lead by Nicole Cogan, highlighting NYC’s best gluten-free restaurants and dishes. The restaurant, owned by Matt Levine and led by Executive Chef Joe Isidori and Beverage Director Albert Dempompeis, offers one of the most stylish organic dining experiences in New York City. Decorated in a style that locals will love – we call this hot restaurant hipster chic. With distressed cream-painted wooded walks covered in polaroids, antique floral lamps and low lighting, the ambiance brings out an air of sepia vintage, which is then quickly shattered by the up-beat hip hop playing over the crowd. A perfect mix of seemingly-opposing styles, dishes and designs, CPK is what NYC has been waiting for.

Owner Matt Levine behind the CPK bar.

With a focus on farm-to-table practices and market inspired cuisine with multicultural influences, Chalk Point Kitchen boasts a deliciously creative cocktail menu, along with high-end modern dishes made with locally sourced produce. For CPK, personal relationships are key to maintaining a great team and top-notch menu. For Matt and his team, the restaurant’s relationship with farmers, fish mongers, local purveyors, and the local community is of the utmost importance, as they are ultimately the founders of this hotspot’s success.

The concept behind Chalk Point’s local, seasonal and sustainable cuisine is certainly easy to understand and appreciate; however, implementing it into our daily diets takes a great deal of knowledge and will power. Since day one, CPK established itself as an active member of this lifestyle, and like many other green organizations, the restaurant wishes to advocate sustainability and educate the public on the importance of maintaining this way of life  – even in fine dining.

CPK’s Fresh Chickpea Falafel

The No Bread menu for Gluten-Free Day was a haute collection of ultra-fresh seasonal veggie platters and lean meat entrées as well as healthy vegan cocktails and an award-dinning carrot cake for dessert. Prepared by Iron Chef competitor Chef Rebecca Weitzman, the highlights included Roasted Heirloom Carrots, Avocado and Steak Deviled Eggs, Fresh Chickpea Falafel, Grilled Mahi Mahi and a too-good-to-be-true Kale Martini. Towards the end of the meal, tall glasses of deep red wine were served, pairing perfectly with the creamy goodness of the cake and the crunchy spice of the pistachio ice cream with caramelized pears. Stay tuned for Chalk Point Kitchen’s Kombucha Tea program coming soon!

CPK's Kale Martini
CPK’s Kale Martini

Bon appétit from SoHo’s chicest.