Cobalt’s New, Sleek Personal Aircraft

cobalt aircraft - haute living

Personal aircrafts are all the rage but none so stylish as the Cobalt unveiled at Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco last November. The premier manufacturer of design-centric private aircrafts for personal and business travel debuted its five-seater Co50 Valkyrie, the company’s first flagship plane. Touted as super fast, safe and easy to fly, this gorgeous, single-engine piston toy can travel up to 260 knots and is a canard aircraft, equipped with a forewing to prevent the plane from stalling in the air. Inspired by classic fighter jets with clean lines and premium finishes, the Co50 Valkyrie impresses with understated elegance. Features include premium leather seats hand-stitched by former Hermès craftsmen—not to mention the world’s largest one-piece canopy and unrivaled visibility with a 320-degree view. You can secure yours now with a $15,000 deposit, but the expected delivery date is Summer 2017. Trust us, this haute aircraft is worth the wait.