See The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In NYC


If you’re going to go all out in New York City, it should probably be at the most expensive suite in town. At Manhattan’s exclusive Four Seasons hotel it’s either go big or go home with their infamous Ty Warner Penthouse Suite.

For a mere $50,000 a night you can have the pleasure of telling your peers that you are staying in New York City’s priciest penthouse suite. What’s more, just last year it was named the most expensive hotel suite in the entire United States of America.

You’re nightly $50,000 fee will get you a 4,300 square-foot space with unparalleled views of the city and Central park. Every detail of you’re experience here will be intricately curated. From Chinese onyx stones that build the bathrooms to calfskin leather walls that surround the dressing room; everything in this suite is made by artisans from across the globe. Not to mention an around-the-clock butler, chauffeur, art advisor, and personal trainer. The suite actually occupies the whole 52nd floor and has a private elevator. Which brings us to the building itself. In 1999 billionaire Ty Warner bought the beautiful structure; hence the name of the penthouse suite.

With such a high price point and so much competition, you wonder how many people actually purchase this room. According to The Telegraph, the Ty Warner suite only gets filled for around 10 nights of the entire year.

Not only will you eat, breathe and live like royalty here, the sleeping situation is out-of-this-world. Rest your head on Thai silk sheets in a 600-square-foot bedroom fit for a king. Only after you’ve had a luxurious massage in the Zen room with a soothing waterfall.

So is it really worth it? If you’ve got the money, we say YES!

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