Over-The-Top Christmas Trees In London And NYC

The holidays are no time for being modest with decorations. It is in fact the only time of year you can get away with decking out your house with multi-color lights without being dubbed too eccentric. However of all the decorations and memorabilia that we consider part of the holidays, there is one that reins supreme, the Christmas tree.

While the one you have in your home may be impressive, institutions around the world have been putting their all into their haute holiday trees. Here are the most extravagant Christmas trees for your viewing pleasure in London and New York City.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Facebook page

Much like it’s surroundings, the Met’s 20-foot tall holiday tree is laden with intricate historical objects. Arising from a centered nativity scene at the bottom of the tree, you’ll find the likes of a 18th-century collection of Neopolitan angels and cherubs amongst other stunning ornaments.

The American Museum of Natural History, New York

via The American Museum of Natural History Facebook page
via The American Museum of Natural History Facebook page

This tree is more of a work of art than a testimony to Christmas, but nonetheless it’s incredibly beautiful. Every year the American Museum of Natural History creates an ornate Origami Holiday tree. This year it has more than 1,000 pieces of origami art spanning the 13-foot tall tree.

The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

via The Victoria & Albert Museum Facebook page
via The Victoria & Albert Museum Facebook page

In an abstract twist on the Christmas tree, the Victoria & Albert Museum has commissioned Indian designers Sarthak Sengupta and Sahil Bagga. Situated between four marble columns the tree and surrounding structures are handmade out of brass and painted using classic Indian motifs by artists from Kerala. The museum’s Christmas tree installation is called Kalpataru: The Wishing Tree.

Claridge’s, London

via Claridge’s Facebook page

Claridge’s is one of London’s most iconic luxury hotels. A tree for such a setting could only be designed by Britain’s most iconic luxury brand, Burberry. Christopher Bailey, chief creative and chief executive officer of Burberry, has created a Christmas tree out of 100 gold and silver umbrellas. It might not but traditional, but it is certainly beautiful.