Bentley Introduces the World’s Most Expensive SUV

86872Photo Credit: Bentley


Bentley does everything in a big way, so it’s no surprise that the haute British automotive brand has not only created the world’s most expensive SUV, but also the fastest.

Thanks to its new W12 engine, the Bentley Bentayga reaches a top speed of 187 mph—and goes from 0-60 mph in just four seconds. The engine also delivers 5-90% torque within 1.1 seconds, twice as fast as its predecessor (which helps in operating perfectly in all off-road conditions as well).

Choose from among four settings on your drive, including Comfort, Sport, Custom and Bentley, all with the touch of an intuitive rotary control.

The Bentayga also features the first 48V electronic Active Roll Control. Expect exceptional response times: as the vehicle goes into a corner, the system automatically minimizes body roll. The Active Roll Control delivers automatic individual wheel control over bumpy surfaces to improve ride comfort.

Now let’s talk aesthetics. The exterior features Union Jack fascia badging, 22’ polished wheels and illuminated thread plate, while the interior offers stitched diamond quilted leather that takes 36 hours to complete as well as an innovative event seat— a patented sliding and folding seat trimmed in leather and finished with diamond quilting for comfort that slides away with ease for optimal event-watching; it can also be used as a convenient luggage divider.


86869Photo Credit: Bentley

The Bentayga also has some nifty features. The rear headrests feature two 10.2” entertainment tablets that connect you with the vehicle’s entertainment systems. Download at will with the dedicated 4G Wi-Fi hotspot or even access your iPhone through Apple CarPlay . This technology instantly connects your smartphone to the vehicle so you can play music, navigate to your next destination, take calls and access apps easily and safely.

Even better, the Bentayga  features more than ten new Driver Assistance systems for urban driving, longer distance touring and more robust off-roading. Head-up display, where important information is projected onto the windscreen so the driver can keep eyes on the road. Night Vision can recognise animals and people, however dark it is outside. Along with Blind Spot Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition, all of these technologies are born of ‘intelligent functionality’.

Upgrade options include an optional $160,000 Breitling dashboard clock, massage chairs, a backseat champagne compartment, mother-of-pearl inlay, a ski hatch, a picnic hamper, refrigerator and a cooled glove box, electric blinds and bespoke child seats.

It’s certainly no surprise that the very first Bentayga driver was none other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. That should tell you enough about this very, very haute ride.

The Bentayga retails for $600,000.

86870Photo Credit: Bentley