Our Top 10 Beauty Discoveries at ISPA


When the International Spa Association held its annual convention in Las Vegas last month, we couldn’t resist going to see what new beauty products were on the market. Here are our picks for the top 10 beauty discoveries we made at ISPA.


BABOR BI-PHASE PERFORMANCE: INTENSE ACTIVE FACIAL OILS YOUTH CONTROL BI-PHASE AMPOULE Babor launched three new ampoules in their Intense Active Facial Oils collection, and though we were impressed with all, we couldn’t resist writing about the Youth Control Bi-Phase Ampoule, which completely decreases the appearance of wrinkles. This ampoule contains an extract of brown algae—which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids—to improve the skin’s protective lipid barrier, but also stimulates natural hyaluronic acid production in the skin, promoting collagen synthesis and energy flow in the cells. Your skin will be left visibly firmer, smoother and much, much younger.

Available at Babor.com, $140

COLORSCIENCE EVEN UP CLINICAL PIGMENT PERFECTOR SPF 50 This product is a true three-in-one stop shop. It not only evens skin tone and provides SPF 50 protection, but also brightens skin with the LUMIRA complex, which evens our discoloration. Four key ingredients—Vital ET® (Disodium Lauriminodipropionate Tocopheryl Phosphates) –  a complex of tocopheryl phosphates that soothes the skin and reduces visible redness—VENUCEANE™ (Thermus Thermophillus Ferment), a biotechnological product that helps shield skin against environmental stressors while improving hydration and reducing the appearance of aging—Revinage (Bidens Pilosa Extract), a naturally produced, phytochemical rich ingredient, providing strong antioxidant effects to help prevent free radical damage and improve skin smoothness, tone and texture—and Unilucent PA 13 (Panthenyl Triacetate and Acetyl Rheum Rhaponticum Root Extract), which contains resveratrol and rhapontin derivatives, all work together to significantly reduce the appearance of pigmentation while providing optimal bright and radiant skin.

Available at Sephora.com, $120  

PHYTOMER MORPHO DESIGNER CONTOURING CRYSTAL EMULSION  If you want to look thinner, trust us, this is the product that will do it. Proven results show that this triple-action technology resculpts the body by targeting firmness, contouring and skin quality. How does it do this, you might ask? Well, thanks to an exclusive ingredient, ADIPO-3, it launches a three-pronged attack on fat cells to weaken the structure of existing fat, prevent the natural production of new fat and strengthen and redensify the skin’s support tissues. A duo of marine algaes activates micro-circulation and draining for a firm and energized body, free from excess fat. Results show that volume of thighs can be reduced by 20% within 28 days, while your overall silhouette will be reduced by 11%. How does skinny feel? The answer: great…especially when it smells like citrus.

Available at Phytomer.com, $110

USA BIOTEC machine visual

ELEMIS BIOTEC MACHINE Believe it or not, it wasn’t so much a product but a machine that wowed us from Elemis (a line, incidentally, that we love). This amazing device works in six different ways to make your face look its beautiful best.  The Ultrasonic spatula uses a highly effective Piezoelectric current, causing 27,000 vibrations per second through a quartz/ceramic head, drawing out impurities, deep cleansing and gently exfoliating surface impurities and pigmentation while stimulating collagen production to minimize the appearance of fine lines and accelerate blood and lymphatic circulation to aid the healing process. Its Microcurrent head firms and tones wile also stimulating the micro-circulation to encourage the healing process, improving scarring, sun-damage, pigmentation, and blemishes.Galvanic is a two-step treatment that works synergistically with positive and negative charged ions to propel similarly charged, high-potency actives deeper into the skin. Minimizing the symptoms of aging bought on by stress and tiredness – fine lines, dullness, photo-aging, sensitivity and blemishes. O2 Infusion therapy uses powerful bursts of compressed air to infuse the skin with a combination of 95% pure oxygen and selected high-potency actives to help visibly plump out fine lines and increase skin firmness and Light Therapy produces collagen and kills bacteria through both red and blue lights. Haute!

Locate the Elemis Biotec here 

CARITA BEAUTY DIAMOND SERUM is the perfect answer for cellular longevity as the formula aims to energize skin cells and optimize their potential for better performance. The product Improves the appearance of aging skin and restoring a youthful radiance through its InfiniSkin Complex, which combines three sources to restore skin homeostasis for more firmness, elasticity, density and skin tone uniformity. It also controls the inflammation linked to senescence and its effects, enables the re-stratification of the epidermis to recreate better communication between the epidermal and dermal junction, and rebalances the functionality of the extracellular matrix.

Available at Carita.com $468 

DECLEOR AURABSOLU INTENSE GLOW FOR EYES DARK CIRCLE CORRECTOR If you’ve had a long night but don’t want to look it, this is the product for you. The Dark Eye Circle Corrector, from Decleor’s new Aurabsolu collection, acts as an instant and long-lasting highlighter for the eyes. Upon application the eye contours appear rested, and throughout the day the eye area remains fresh, bright and lively.

Available at Decleor.com, $ 56
VitaSkin Exoliating Peel

EMINENCE FIRM SKIN ACAI EXFOLIATING PEEL This firming and collagen-boosting peel targets normal, dry and mature skin types to deeply hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lactic and glycolic acids stimulate collagen production to reveal a younger looking appearance. The signs of aging are kept at bay with an antioxidant-rich cocktail of acai berry, grapefruit and goji to protect against harmful environmental stressors. An organic, natural way to look your best.

Available at Eminence.com, $79 

HYDROPEPTIDE BODY THERAPEUTICS PERFECTING BODY LIFT HIGH INTENSITY REVITALIZING SERUM You can redefine your skin from head to toe with this powerful anti-aging body serum. It combats sagging skin, bruising, cellulite, stretch marks and swelling (post-opp perfect, and you know what we’re talking about Beverly Hills gals!). This product also helps stimulate natural moisturizing factor to fill skin with volume.

Available at Shop.Hydropeptide.com, $68 

COMFORT ZONE ACTION SUBLIME SERUM This product from Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin collection will leave your skin looking visibly smoother and more luminous thanks to its blend of hyaluronic acid, milk proteins, soy proteins and betaglucan. The milk proteins balance the cutaneous pH, while hyaluronic acid captures a high number of water molecules and exerts an amazing hydrating, firming and protective effect against aging processes; betaglucan improves the skin defense mechanism and contrasts oxidative processes, while soy proteins prevent aging.

Available at Amazon.com, $169 

KERSTIN FLORIAN BRIGHTENING BODY PEEL Kerstin Florian’s peel pads are super easy to use, which makes them, in our book, a home run. The pads provide glow on the go by using a multi-acid complex (a combination of glycolic, lactic, salicylic and phytic Acids), and botanicals including red algae and olive leaf extract to create a smooth, healthy appearance.

Available at Kerstin Florian, $40