Get Red Carpet Ready at Home: The Best On-Demand Beauty Apps

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In Los Angeles, a red carpet event is a dime a dozen. Sure, some are way more significant than others (hello, not everything can be the Academy Awards), but we still have at least a handful of reasons every single night to look our best. Luckily, on-demand beauty apps have cropped up like weeds in the last few years: services where, which the click of a smartphone button, hair and makeup comes to you. Whether you’re at work or making a pit stop at home before a big party, these beauty pros are ready, armed with an arsenal of tools to make you look your best. Here at Haute Living, we’ve done the research for you, and have narrowed down our top picks for the best on-demand beauty apps currently on the market (and available in LA). Without further ado…

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How it works Choose a look from Glamsquad‘s menu of specific styles for hair and makeup (a la DryBar’s menu of styles) such as The Starlet: soft and elegant waves, The Editor: sleek, shiny and straight or The Icon: boldly lined, smoky eyes, a strong lip and sculptured cheekbones for old Hollywood glamour—and let the beautifying begin.

Why you’ll love it Sometimes we don’t know what we want (thanks, Starbucks), and this menu makes the experience easy. As a bonus, Glamsquad also has a pre-existing, curated bridal menu.


How it works PRIV is a one-stop destination for all your beauty and wellness needs. You can get a haircut or a blowout, your makeup or nails done. Want a massage? That’s available, as are at-home fitness services from yoga to boxing. You can even get a beard trim…or at-home tanning. It sounds too good to be true, but really, it’s a reality.

Why you’ll love it New services are added seasonally, and, if you’re feeling lazy, you’ve got a lot of options here—and, dare we say it—the most of all the on-demand beauty apps.


How it works Like the other beauty apps we’ve reviewed, BeGlammed offers one-click shopping for an assortment of hair and makeup services, with a variety of kitschy hair names (The Sienna is braided and the model featured looks an awful lot like Burnt star Sienna Miller), while pre-existing makeup styles are more basic and self-explanatory (Au Naturel; Radiant and Glowing).

Why you’ll love it What sets BeGlammed apart is that not any old gal with a pocketful of tools and the desire to do hair can land on your doorstep. Nope, those who work for BeGlammed have been vetted, and are actually beauty professionals who want to make a little extra cash or have a little extra time.

DryBar on the Go

How it works Entrepreneur and DryBar founder Alli Webb now makes her range of quick and easy hair style services available to you at home. Given that this is how she herself actually came up with the idea for DryBar, we’re sold.

Why you’ll love it You know what you’re getting. There are very few women in LA who haven’t grabbed a glass of champagne, watched a romantic comedy and ordered an Uptini or a Cosmo-Tai…for their hair. We are simply bubbling over with excitement that the DryBar services are now available at home.


How it works Founded by Lauren Remington Platt, Vênsette provides luxury brands and notable influencers with the very best in beauty by providing clients with a standardized reference point for artists to customize your look and to meet your individual beauty and event needs.

Why you’ll love it That Vênsette is available on-demand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is magic. You’ll never have to worry around the holidays again! You’re also getting a quality hair/makeup guru: Vênsette artists work for high-profile film, TV, fashion and private clientele. They are hand selected, trained and approved, arriving on time and in uniform.


How it works Stylisted, started by beauty industry and start-up veterans Julia Carmona and Lauren Katzberg, provides clients with a wide selection of services, including blowouts, dry styling, up-dos, makeup application, airbrushing and lashes.

Why you’ll love it  You can personally choose your own stylist via the app and website, so you know exactly what (and who) you’re gong to get.