Dallas’ Mansion Bar: Because You Can

The Mansion Bar is perfect for a quiet evening with the best G&T in Dallas.
The Mansion Bar is perfect for a quiet evening with the best G&T in Dallas.

Photo Credit: The Mansion Bar

The Mansion at Turtle Creek has been around long enough to have established itself as an upscale dining destination for at least two generations but the bar, aptly named The Mansion Bar, has been largely overlooked. It’s a situation that needs to be remedied because there really isn’t anywhere else like it.

Although live music is a week-end feature you won’t find huge crowds, eardrum splitting music, or raucous conversation. In fact, during the week it can be almost eerily silent. The Mansion Bar is quiet, discreet, and civilized with the elegance of the 1930s. Heavy, rich wood and dim lighting set a romantic mood. The walls are covered with a cognac colored leather which makes it seem like one of those exclusive clubs where men went to smoke cigars and drink good bourbon in Victorian times. Cozy corners and leather club chairs abound — and for that we’re grateful.

Classic Cocktails and a Generous Pour

The drinks are a nice mix of heirloom classics and modern craft cocktails, expertly mixed and poured generously. This is without a doubt martini heaven. First decide whether you want vodka or gin. Do you want it shaken or stirred? Dry or dirty? Gimlet or gibson? Once you’ve got that straightened out you’ll move on to garnishes; black pepper goat cheese stuffed olive, house-pickled purplette onions, house-pickled fennel, or lime cordial?

And that’s just the martinis.

The Mansion G&T is to. die. for. Served over a hand-cut ice diamond this cocktail is made with their own house-made (are you seeing a theme here) seasonal tonic and Aviation gin, garnished with a kaffir lime life and grapefruit zest. Toast fall with the pumpkin old fashioned or the smoked apple whiskey. The wine cellar is located under the bar and the list is exactly what you’d  expect at this venue —  a nice selection of wines. Although we are Zin fans the Bouchard Pere & Fils Pinot Noir did not disappoint. There’s a good mixture of imported and domestic wines to please any palate.

Business or Pleasure

If you want to dress up in your favorite cocktail attire, get treated like you are royalty, and have a quiet conversation with the love of your life then The Mansion Bar is the perfect spot to do it. At the very least you’ll want to dress business casual. Valet parking, attentive staff, and bartenders that actually know what they are doing make the Mansion Bar an easy choice for business or pleasure.