London: Living In A 5-Star Hotel Is Now Cheaper Than Rent


According to popular hotel-booking website, it is now cheaper to live in a luxury hotel than it is to rent and upmarket home in certain areas of London.

Let’s begin with the fact that Londoners pay rent per week. Where a luxury studio apartment in the trendy Shoreditch would cost £666 for a mere seven days, a week’s stay in a four-star hotel in the same area is only £420. This means having your room cleaned daily, having amenities and potential free Wifi could cost you £246 less than living in your home where you have to do everything yourself. Mind, blown.

Similarly in central you could be saving up to £250 pounds by sleeping in a luxurious hotel. A high-end studio flat in central London on average will cost you about £848 per week.’s “top secret” city central hotels average at £601 for the week. Think of what you could do with that extra £250!

These potential savings come as a result of increasing rents. Over the last year rents in central London have increased by a massive seven percent. At the same time the cost of staying in five star hotels in the capital has decreased by almost five percent. While the amounts you could possibly save on rent alone are remarkable, there are so many other costs that hotel living could help you save. Living in a hotel means no bills or council tax. It almost seems too good to be true. spokesperson Amanda Cumine said: “Londoners are caught up in an increasingly crazy rent race when actually behind the doors of the capital’s hotels lies the secret to dodging mad city rental costs.

“Who would have thought that the day would come when luxury hotels could be better value than renting a furnished studio in zone one?”

“The icing on the cake is you will never have to make the bed, clean your bath or put out the bins ever again – and even better, this is all available right on your door step in the most sought after areas of the city.”

Just a little something to think about.