LAX to Create a Luxe New Lounge for the Rich & Famous

Fred Segal at LAX
Fred Segal at LAX

Photo Credit: Westfield

LAX has a plethora of high-end airport lounges for the upper class traveler, but it did not, until Thursday, have a special place specifically dedicated to the rich and famous.

Yesterday, the Board of Airport Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of a super-luxe, ultra exclusive and completely private lounge that will cater to celebrities, athletes and diplomats in an effort to cut down on paparazzi and autograph-chasers at the airport.

The new facility will be located in a converted cargo facility at 6851 West Imperial Highway, next to the airport’s southernmost runway. The proposed project includes a 43,750-square-foot building and a 13,840-square-foot parking lot which means—sorry, folks—but celebs et. al can fly completely under the radar.

This new luxury doesn’t come cheap (to the average person, that is) but for fees of an additional $1,800, elite travelers will be able to drive into a secure parking and drop-off area and then be able to relax in a private suite until boarding; shuttles will then ferry them directly to their passenger gates in the central terminal area.

Gavin de Becker and Associates, an L.A.-based security firm, has been tapped to create the lounge, which will go live in six to eight months.  he firm plans to open the lounge in six to eight months, first in a temporary facility while the permanent site is prepared.

Luxury at LAX isn’t anything new—it’s no secret that the airport has made a big push in recent years for a completely luxe experience for all travelers. In addition to a plethora of exclusive new lounges from the likes of Virgin Atlantic and Emirates, new initiatives include meals cooked by celebrity chefs, chauffeur-driven Cadillacs and VIP entrances and passageways. A current $508 million renovation of Southwest Airlines’ terminal, a $500 million + revamp of United’s terminal and a $229 million Delta Airlines terminal makeover follow the $1.9 billion makeover of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.