7 Reasons To Try Jackson’s Food and Drink

Jackson's Exterior

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the experience “you don’t know Jack.” We’re happy to report that said statement does not apply to Scott Cooper, the Executive Chef and Owner of Jackson’s Food and Drink in El Segundo—this is one guy who very clearly does know Jack(son’s). Cooper, a self-taught chef, is passionate about pairings, and is very specific about his menu. He’ll make substitutions of course, but urges you to try the menu as it’s meant to be tasted, as his creations are seamlessly balanced and have been made perfect through endless hours of experimentation. We were more than pleased with every item we tried, and you will be, too. Here are seven reasons why we think you’ll be back at Jackson’s time and time again.

Marinated Burrata Salad
Marinated Burrata Salad
  1. It’s ambient. Whether you’re having a business lunch or a romantic dinner date, you’re going to enjoy the rustic-meets-formal space. Think wooden tables, white, strung lights and a cozy fireplace. It’s also environmentally responsible: materials and finishes such as reclaimed wood, low VOC paint and fabrics of natural and recycled content can be found throughout.
  2. It’s all about location, location, location. You’ve got to love that Jackson’s is literally a one-minute walk away from the Arclight Beach Cities. Dinner and a movie sounds like the perfect night to us.
  3. Scott Cooper. It’s truly wonderful to speak to a man who’s so knowledgable and passionate about his food—without being smug.
  4. The hummus. We can’t get enough of the housemade hummus, a perfectly creamy dish served with olive oil and garlic soaked pizza dough instead of traditional pita bread. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.
  5. The ahi sashimi salad. The preparation of this dish is exquisite. The ahi is fresh and served on a bed of lettuce with daikon sprouts, toasted sesame seeds and crispy wontons in a wasabi vinaigrette. Luckily for everyone, it can be ordered both at lunch and at dinner.
  6. Everything you can possibly imagine is on the menu. Craving a pizza? A hamburger? Filet mignon risotto? Vegan-friendly browned cauliflower with olive oil, chile, garlic and mint? Chicken with plantains? Outstanding miso black cod? Tagliatelle with pancetta, pine nuts, homemade ricotta and sunny side up organic egg? Jackson’s does it. You’re welcome.
  7. The cocktail menu uses garden-fresh ingredients. Going with the organic theme, you’ll find a healthy dose of organic, farm-fresh ingredients in the craft cocktails on order. Given that El Segundo is the aviation capital of Los Angeles (it’s home to Boeing and Northrup Grumman), we’re going to say that the Aviation Thyme is our favorite drink on the menu—a blend of Aviation gin, fresh lime juice and white cranberry juice with muddled cucumber and thyme.

Jackson’s Food and Drink is located at 2041 Rosecrans Ave, El Segundo; (310) 606-5500

Finishes, furniture and fixtures reflect a modern “formal meets rustic” space. The entire exterior and the surrounding patio create a relaxed indoor-outdoor atmosphere. Marked by a tone of warmth, simplicity and rugged refinement, the restaurant features suspended light fixtures that illuminate communal dining options, bar seating, fireside lounge spots, and banquette tables. Materials and finishes were selected with environmental responsibility in mind: reclaimed wood, low VOC paint, fabrics of natural and recycled content.