Hey NYC! Fall in Love With iLoveKickboxing This Holiday Season


Packing on the pounds during the holidays is no fun. Even worse, having to workout when you’d rather attend a swanky event. However, we’ve discovered when working out is fun and does not feel like a workout, you’re more prone to stick with a plan as well as weight loss goals. Usher in iLoveKickboxing. Haute Living had the opportunity to take a class. We must say it was pretty intense, but a fun workout. Following the class, we spoke with Teresa Oxford, brand ambassador and spokes model for iLoveKickboxing, to get the scoop on iLoveKickboxing.

HL: What makes kickboxing an easy routine for people who hate committing to the same ole workouts?
Oxford: When someone takes an iLoveKickboxing class, they will never take the same class twice. At iLoveKickboxing, members are consistently challenged in learning new combos and sets of callisthenic warm-ups every single day.

HL: What does the program entail?
Oxford: Designed to get the heart rate up and the muscles nice and loose, members are first guided through a 15 minute warm-up that can consists of pushups, burpees, and squats but varies day to day. We then stretch before we begin our bag rounds. Resistance training helps burn more calories and it’s because of this that we have six rounds where the members can punch and kick heavy bags. Instructors teach easy to learn punch and kick combos that real fighters use in the ring. Members get to relieve stress while learning self-defense, hand eye coordination and get a full body workout. That means they get to work their upper, mid, and lower body while also improving their cardio.

HL: How many calories can one actually lose in just one class compared to other workouts (running, cycling, etc.)?
Oxford: An iLoveKickboxing class burns anywhere between 800-1000 calories. This is more compared to a standard hour-long workout involving running or cycling for example because of the many moving parts within our classes. Members are never just concentrating on one part of the body and are never just doing the same things over and over again.

HL: How many classes should one commit to, to see results?
Oxford: At iLoveKickboxing, we know that consistency is key to progress. Members who come at least three times a week see amazing results. With such dedication, people have seen results in a matter of a few weeks. They’ll come in telling us how their clothes are already starting to fit better and how much happier they are overall.

HL: What areas does kickboxing work out?
Oxford: Kickboxing classes incorporate unique moves for a full body workout. Kickboxing is a great workout as it works the upper, mid, and lower body all within a single class. An iLoveKickboxing class works out your arms, core, legs, shoulders, chest … results will be noticeable everywhere!

Why choose kickboxing with iLoveKickboxing in particular? What makes your fitness studio different?
Oxford: iLoveKickboxing is more than a fitness studio. We’re a family here.  We give the members the tools to succeed both on and off the mat. We make sure to stand by them in class to push them to punch the bag harder. We also check up on them when the class is over through a letter in the mail, for example. We know the real challenge is when the class is over (to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the fitness studio) so we also want them to know that we are there for them. We not only provide members with an amazing workout proven to yield results, but we create an environment that people want to come back to which ultimately helps them achieve their goals.