Elton John and Lalique to Auction Off Crystal Angel

Grand Nu Masculin[3]In his 1994 smash hit from Disney’s The Lion King, Elton John croons, “Can you feel the love tonight?” Said lyric won’t even be a question come Feb. 28, 2016 when the ‘Rocket Man’ and Lalique auction off four of the seven crystal pieces from the ‘Music is Love’ collection, including the one-of-a-kind Angel Cire Perdue—a large-winged angel playing a lyre, crafted in red and clear crystal.

These one-of-a-kind pieces will be auctioned off by Paddle8 at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s annual Academy Awards Viewing Party in Los Angeles. Given that all proceeds from the sculptures’ sales will benefit the singer’s nonprofit organization, it will be impossible to feel anything but love on that particular night. The Angel Cire Perdue, which stands at 28.74 inches, was created by using the complex ‘lost wax’ technique in crystal making: after a sculpture is modeled in wax, it is covered with plaster to create a mold, then baked in a kiln to harden the clay. It is at this point the wax is ‘lost’ through melting, before molten crystal is poured into the empty mold. It is an art form, and one that, in this particular case, was made specifically to combine three things that are incredibly important to the “Your Song” singer: philanthropy, music and love. “I feel very strongly that what I bring to the global effort against AIDS is the power of music to bring people together to address the important issues of our time. So, the final design is a male form realized as a winged angel with the words ‘Music is Love’ in Latin,” John said of the collaboration, adding, “We want this piece to be a powerful reminder of the need for us to work together to solve global challenges, like AIDS.”